New (2024) Android 15 Updated: Release Date & Full Specs

New (2024) Android 15 Updated: Release Date, Review & Full Specs! On November 5, 2007, the first Android operating system began its journey with the release of the beta. The first Android version was Android 1.0. It was first published on 23 September 2008. Since 2011, this operating system has been taken over by Google and announced Google Pixel public at Google I/O. Later versions are improved and released in the market every year.

android 15

Since 2003, Android phones have been on the road to release improvements and in 2005, Google bought City. The Open Handset Alliance and Google limited these two software to only themselves before releasing the beta version. Several public versions are released when the software development kit is released. This software was used to test the operating system. Later, the operating system and SDK were declared free in their source code under the Apache license.

What is the Android 15 Update?

The main developer of Android Fifteen is Akira Toriyama. He called it Android 14. He also said that there are many similarities between the two speeches. The animation created as the introduction of Android 15 is very small in size and looks like a small human face. There, her lips are pink and she exhibits an African-American stereotype due to the disease. These issues are more noticeable in the case of animation. There T has a ridiculously beautiful voice. Plus there’s a nice African-American sound to it.

The animation above features a red ball and a green hat that many have compared to a pimp’s hat. A black and white 160 was used with a Garro yellow and blue overcoat. There again “Red Ribbon” read a red color. The latter wears light blue pants and black boots. Above all, under his hat is a white domed dome for Android 19 and 20. It’s like a completely mechanical machine without sunglasses.

Being the only Android version man-made to destroy Goku, Android 15 seems a little more emotional than any other version. But Android is short on the original version and Funimation. At first, he said only two lines Son Goku…” a few times and “Trunks” only once.

android 15

Android Overview


Release Date Internal Codename
Android 14 Q3 2023 Upside Down Cake
Android 13 August 15, 2022 Tiramisu
Android 12L March 7, 2022 Snow Cone v2
Android 12 October 4, 2021 Snow Cone

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