Top 10+ Best Refrigerators You Can Buy In 2024

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One of the most crucial things you can do for your house is to get the greatest refrigerator for your kitchen. In addition to being one of the most often used appliances, a fridge serves as a design focal point. It should pleasingly grab attention without being overbearing or disturbing.

When looking for a new refrigerator, there are a number of factors to take into account, including size, style, cost, and finish. The great news is that’s why we’ve already done a lot of the legwork for you by researching and comparing the top refrigerators available.

Refrigerator, LG 26.2-cubic-foot Smart French Door LFXS26973

It still has design aspects that give lots of space and is still rather big. Gallon-sized container-compatible bins and a drawer that spans the whole width of the refrigerator are included. One of the French doors has a water and ice dispenser, and these refrigerators also feature an additional ice maker within the freezer drawer.

This WiFi-enabled refrigerator can be connected to LG’s ThinQ smartphone app, which not only lets you control freezer and refrigerator temperatures remotely but also notifies you whenever the doors have indeed been left open. Additionally, the app offers a diagnosis tool that may be used to find problems that could need a professional.

Smart French Door LFXS26973

Samsung RF28R7551 a 27.7-cubic-foot, four-door refrigerator

There are really four doors on this French door refrigerator. There is a FlexZone drawer below the FlexZone part with two doors and a freezer drawer below that. With four distinct temperature settings as well as an adjustable divider, the FlexZone drawer can do it all.

These characteristics make it ideal for entertaining if you’re serving a variety of food types and quantities. According to the manufacturer, the Samsung refrigerator also features a Family Hub. This has a 21.5-inch touch screen, which you may use to write notes to the family and read calendar and weather updates.

Samsung RF28R7551

Whirlpool French Door WRF535SMH 25.2-Cubic-Foot Refrigerator

It has a capacity of 25.2 feet, which is approximately average among the refrigerators we rated in terms of internal area. Its cost is, nevertheless, far below average. Wi-Fi connectivity, rapid chill, as well as an external water or ice dispenser are not included in this Whirlpool’s feature set. A filtered water dispenser, humidity-controlled crisper drawer, gallon-sized door bins, and a full-width, temperature-controlled drawer with room for cheese, deli meats, and a party platter are all included, though.

WRF535SMH 25.2-Cubic

Café Smart Four-Door CVE28D Refrigerator, 27.8 cubic feet

It’s one of the bigger units, with a capacity of 27.8 cubic feet. The four-door design has a central convertible drawer with adjustable dividers, five temperature settings (Soft Freeze, Meat, Beverages, Snacks, and Wine), and a temperature range of 23 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. For bigger things like pizzas, the lower freezer area features three levels and movable shelves.

An LED light on the whole rear wall of the refrigerator illuminates the main compartment for clear viewing. In addition, the vegetable drawer has a humidification system to keep green leafy vegetables fresher for longer. Additionally, the door has a hands-free distilled water dispenser with an auto-fill option to prevent overfilling containers.

Refrigerator, Maytag 24.7-cubic-foot French door MFI2570FE

The Maytag MFI2570FE has a capacity of 24.7 cubic feet, which is approximately average compared to the other models in our ranking in terms of price and size. It has amenities including an in-door water & ice dispenser, humidity-controlled crisper drawer, and a full-width deli drawer that are typical of most contemporary, mid-range refrigerators. Additionally, it boasts a PowerCold function that, if activated while unloading goods, quickly brings the fridge’s temperature back down to normal.

Refrigerator, Samsung 17.6-Cubic-Foot Top-Freezer RT18M6215

The Samsung RT18M6215 is the least expensive refrigerator in our ranking, with a starting price of $899. It’s a top-freezer model that generally costs less than French door versions. It is also the smallest refrigerator in the rankings due to its modest size of just under 18 cubic feet. Although this top-freezer model lacks Wi-Fi capability and other bells as well as whistles, it does contain a number of functions.

Samsung’s FlexZone functionality, which enables you to modify the temperature to utilize the area as a freezer or a refrigerator, is built into the freezer. The refrigerator also offers a full-width deli drawer, reversible door, and adjustable shelves. This is a wonderful choice for anyone searching for a tiny refrigerator that is affordable.

Refrigerator, 27.9 cu ft smart four-door PVD28BYNFS by GE Appliances

Space-wise, it has a total volume of 27.9 cubic feet. This four-door French refrigerator includes a freezer drawer just on the bottom, a fridge on top, and a center drawer with four settings to adjust the ideal refrigerator temperature for different goods, including meat, snacks, and beverages.

With the Wi-Fi that is already incorporated into this smart refrigerator, you can use a mobile device to check the temperature and internal lighting. Additionally, this refrigerator has hands-free auto-fill water, an ice dispenser, and an LED light wall.


Door-in-Door LG 26.1 cubic feet Refrigerator LSXS26366

In addition, the LG LSXS26366 offers a door-in-door design feature for quick access to goods that are used frequently without having to open the entire door. With the freezer on one side and the refrigerated compartment on the other, separated vertically, this model is one of just two side-by-side refrigerators in our assessment.

If you want frozen meals at eye level, this design is ideal. Frozen food can accumulate in the freezer drawer of the popular bottom-freezer style, making it difficult to view anything without reaching the bottom. A side-by-side freezer has shelves that extend the whole height of the equipment for convenient organization.


With InstaView, the LG Counter-Depth refrigerator

From any location in the kitchen, you can see precisely what you need (or don’t) with the InstaView door-in-door function. Knowing exactly what you have makes it easier to decide which foods in the refrigerator should be thrown out. Additionally, this sleek device has two ice makers that provide specialized drinks with hassle-free crushed, cubed, and slow-melting spherical ice.

You won’t need to worry well about the fridge being crammed more tightly than a Thanksgiving turkey because the internal drawer is fully equipped with a substantial capacity when you require it. With a single touch, choose among five chill-to-freeze choices. The produce sections were developed with the intent of prolonging the shelf life of your favorite vegetables.

Samsung RF28R7351 Food Showcase Refrigerator, 27.8 cubic feet

With a cumulative capacity of 27.8 cubic feet for the refrigerator, freezer, plus middle drawer, the Samsung RF28R7351 is one of the greatest capacities of refrigerators. This four-door French door refrigerator is Wi-Fi enabled and comes with Bixby, Samsung’s virtual personal assistant.

This lets you establish grocery lists, control the refrigerator’s temperature, and monitor it remotely using a smartphone app. One of the few refrigerators in our ranking that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and has easy-to-reach controls is the Samsung 27.8 Cubic Foot Food Showcase Refrigerator. Additionally, it has a door-in-door feature that Samsung refers to as the Kitchen Showcase Door.

Refrigerator Insignia NS-RTM18 18.1-Cubic-Foot Top-Freezer

The Insignia NS-RTM18 has the cheapest cost in the ranking, with a sticker price of roughly $600. It’s a tiny and straightforward model with an 18 cubic foot capacity that can be ideal for studio flats, homestays, or as a secondary fridge in a basement or garage. It has typical crisper drawers and adjustable shelves and door bins, which is not often the case with refrigerators. Although one may be ordered separately, this top-freezer type does not automatically appear with an ice maker.

French door refrigerator by KitchenAid with Paneling

The KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator of Paneling is the opulent upgrade your kitchen needs if you’re ready for the refrigerators of your dreams and need something truly stunning. It is available in three finishes, from basic stainless to rich, seductive black cabinet panels that give character and detail that decorators will love.

It also includes the Preserva Food Care System from the company, which combines a number of technologies to keep produce crisp and fresh while also eliminating unpleasant aromas. The inside also has easy-glide baskets, rich metallic embellishments, and glossy silver walls. This is the paradise of kitchen appliances!

French door refrigerator with 27.7 cubic feet from GE Profile (PFE28K)

In comparison to comparable refrigerators, the three-door GE PFE28K is a bit more costly. A big size of 27.7 cubic feet, a Turbo Cool mode that swiftly modifies the refrigerator’s temperature, and an inside water and ice dispenser with auto-fill are some of its benefits.

In addition to these capabilities, it also has a temperature-controlled drawer that fills the whole width of the refrigerator. With movable door bins and shelves, it also enables customizable storage. The stainless steel finishes are available in fingerprint-resistant varieties.

Whirlpool Side-by-Side, 21.4 cubic feet The refrigerator WRS321SDH

One of the smallest models in our rankings, the Whirlpool WRS321SDH is a little less than 33 inches wide and around 33.6 inches deep. Whirlpool also offers washers and dryers. It doesn’t have as much storage capacity as a few of the other models on the list, with a size of 21.4 cubic feet.

This side-by-side variant has a broader refrigerator portion than a freezer section. In order to maximize shelf space, the refrigerator door has a built-in caddie for cans or bottles. The refrigerator’s exterior has a water & ice dispenser with a door and a smudge-proof coating.

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