GG2U Earn Money $5 Daily By Watching Videos, Surveys & Games

GG2UIf you are a gaming fan and want to earn by gaming, the Rewards Program for Gamers or GG2U is a fantastic website. It is a site where you can earn money by playing games.

GG2U is a GPT website that rewards users for playing video games, watching videos, answering surveys and more. You can earn PayPal payments or gift cards to participate here. Non-gamers can also participate, and there are plenty of ways to earn money using the platform. In this article, we will discuss GG2U in detail. Let’s dive into the article to know the details.

GG2U Is a Legit Site OR a Scam?

GG2U platform has quickly established itself as a legitimate website with great earning opportunities. Joining GG2U is great for you for many reasons, including fast payments, excellent support, and free sign-up bonuses. However, to indicate its validity, it has a Trustpilot rating of up to 4.4. Since most GG2U users are happy with its payment and other aspects, you can rest assured that GG2U is not a scam.

GG2U 2024 Basic Information:

Here, we give you GG2U some exciting & interesting Basic information. Let’s take a look.

Rating 3.54 To 130
Version 1.0.4
Price Free to download
Download estimate 22K
Recent Downloads 3.3K
Ranking Not Ranked
APK 21.3 MB
Libraries 48
Android 4.4+
Suitable For Everyone
Ads Contains Ads

How To Sign Up With GG2U?

To sign up for GG2U, you must first go through some steps. Let’s take a look at the things to do.

  • Country of residence
  • Your username
  • Your name
  • Email
  • [Note That] GG2U will get a nice $1 sign-up bonus if you are a new user.

GG2U Sign Up

How To Make Money With GG2U?

GG2U has different ways to earn money, such as different reward sites. It works in specific ways. Let’s take a look.

  • Answer paid Surveys
  • Play games for Cash
  • Watch videos
  • Listen to the Radio
  • Refer Friends

Answer Paid Surveys:

Surveys are a great way to earn extra money. Complete your profile to get matched with the best survey. GG2U offers many survey opportunities that can pay as little as $1.35. So, by filling as much as possible, you can increase your GG2U balance quickly.

The company may also exclude you from the survey if you do not fit the criteria they are looking for. A positive aspect of the GG2U survey is that their payout rates are high for the industry, boasting 65-85% payout rates. Here, we have mentioned some of the leading survey panels and survey rates of GG2U. Let’s have a look.


  • Your survey: 140 coins for $1.40.
  • Dynata: 85 coins for $0.85.
  • Fluent: 90-150 coins from $0.90 to $1.50
  • Peanut Labs: About $0.25 to $1.50

Play Games for Cash:

GG2U works in partnership with the gaming rewards platform Gamehag. You need to earn Soul Gems by playing the game to earn money. Those Soul Gems are converted into GG2U points. And are subsequently redeemed for rewards. You need to earn 500 Soul Gems for a total of 20 points in GG2U. GameHag has the best gaming offers. Let’s see.


  • RAID
  • Shadow Legends
  • Star Trek Online
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • World of Tanks
  • Crossout
  • Star Conflict

Here are some paid gaming offers based on information from trusted websites.

Games Coins Level Price $
State of Survival 3,500 20 $35
Chief Almighty 3,500 20 $35
Guns of Glory 4,500 21 $45
Bingo Bash with Monopoly 2,000 30 $20

Watch Videos:

GG2U is a platform where you can earn by watching videos. The video Rewards section is a feature of GG2U. You must play videos from GG2U’s partners in the background to earn video points. $0.015 per video point, earning 200 video points and earning a silver token. These silver tokens convert into cash bonuses and provide income ranging from $1 to $3.

Listen to the Radio:

Are you looking for an opportunity to make money listening to music? Then, you can listen to the GG2U radio channel. Below is what you need to do to do this. Let’s see.

  • Listen to the Goodgame Radio Show from 4 pm to 11 pm EST
  • Collect radio codes from broadcast hosts
  • Enter your radio codes on GG2U now for bonus cash
  • Pays only $0.05 per code

GG2U Refer Friends:

Another good way to earn GG2U money is by using the referral program. If you refer your friends to GG2U, you’ll get 5% of their earnings every time they cash out a reward. If the referrer redeems a $10 gift card, you’ll get as much as $0.50 for free. There is no limit on referrals or referral commission earnings.


GG2U Cash Out & Reward Options:

You may need $7 to cash out with GG2U. But here we mention some cashing out and reward options. Let’s take a look.

  • PayPal
  • Gift cards
  • Bitcoin [Note that a 3% fee will be deducted in the case of Bitcoin]

Also, gift card options are:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Google Play Credits
  • Walmart


How Much Money Can You Make On GG2U?

Are you a gaming lover, do you want to earn an extra decent amount at the end of the month? Then, you can choose the GG2U site, but remember that it does not advise you to get rich or quit your job to earn money. As we all know, the more you do on reward sites, the more you earn. If you log into GG2U daily, you can expect to earn at least $20 extra per week and $1000 max extra cash per year.

What can be done to prevent GG2U from being hacked?

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to prevent GG2U hacks and increase your earnings.

  • Fill out your profile with as much detail and accurate information as possible
  • Make sure to follow all instructions of GG2U
  • Use valid Email
  • Make sure you have enough storage to download games or surveys
  • Refer new members more often

GG2U Pros & Cons:


  • Payout is higher than other GPT panels.
  • You can convert your points into PayPal cash, Bitcoin, or gift cards.
  • Referral earnings, bonus video points and more pink bonuses increase your earning potential.


  • This platform offers limited options outside the US.
  • Some users may feel frustrated if disabled.

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