Top Telegram-Based Crypto Games In Trending 2024 How To Play

Top Telegram-Based Crypto Games┬áTelegram-based crypto games have grown in popularity due to easy access and attractive offers. Notcoin’s great success spawned more Telegram mini gaming apps to help users earn crypto. Whether you are a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a newbie, these games offer a unique blend of entertainment and earning potential.

This article of ours is ready to guide you about the gameplay, earning potential and unique features of Telegram-based crypto games. Let’s know the details.

How Telegram-based Games Work?

  • Ease of access: Create a Telegram account. Then join the game’s official channel or bot .
  • Simple Mechanics: The game is simple just tap on the screen or tap to earn. Easily accessible to all players.
  • Earn Crypto: Earn in-game currency or tokens, which can be exchanged. This play-to-earn model continues to attract countless users.

Special Benefits of Telegram as a Crypto Game Platform:

  • Involvement in various communities of Telegram users: These communities foster a strong sense of belonging. You can share tips, compete on leaderboards and participate in events.
  • Fast Notifications: Get real-time updates and alerts about game events, new missions and earning opportunities easily.
  • Integration with crypto wallets: Many crypto games here allow seamless integration with TON-based crypto wallets.

How to start Telegram Based Free Crypto Games?

Earning free crypto through Telegram-based games is simple and easily accessible. Follow the below mentioned steps step by step to enter the world of Play-to-Earn games on Telegram:

  • Set up Telegram account
  • Find and join game bots
  • Understand gameplay mechanics and tutorials
  • Engage in daily activities
  • use Boosters
  • Join the Leverage Referral Program and Community
  • Withdraw and convert earnings

Top Telegram-Based Games to Unlock Free Crypto:

Hamster Combat:

A popular Telegram-based game is as a tap-to-earn game Hamster Combat. It basically lets you earn coins as well as manage a virtual crypto exchange by tapping on digital hamsters with ease. For this you need to join the game by accessing it through a Telegram bot.

Also some of the special benefits include the chance to win up to 5 million coins through daily combos, YouTube channel membership, inviting friends, special missions and daily check-ins, etc. You can participate in community events and contests to upgrade your exchange i.e. earn coins.

However, a unique feature of Hamster Combat is its connection to tokens on The Open Network (TON) blockchain. More happy news is that during the “Token Generation Event” (TGE) event players can convert coins earned by players into tokens in the game.

Finally the latest news we got our hands on is that the Hamster Combat game has been released by a Hamster Academy with 17 languages.


NotCoin is a Telegram-based game launched by OpenBuilders to earn cryptocurrency through a tap-to-earn mechanism. You can mine in-game currency here by tapping a virtual coin, not actually a coin, which can then be converted into $NOT tokens.

This game is easily accessible on Telegram app. It is integrated with The Open Network (TON) blockchain to ensure high transaction throughput and security.

Not Coin also offers missions and tasks, such as joining Telegram communities, following partner projects on social media, and participating in various in-game activities and inviting friends to the referral system.

Tap Swap:

Built on the Solana blockchain, TapSwap is a fast growing clicker game playable on Telegram. You can earn crypto assets here with simple tapping methods. TapSwap enhances the excitement of the tap-to-earn game with the powerful features of a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. You are also able to earn TAPS tokens by interacting with the TapSwap bot on Telegram.


Like other Telegram-based games, Catigen is also a play-to-earn game. This game is based on strategy and simulation. Here you have to build and expand cat colonies through which you can collect resources. Certain tasks you are able to earn in-game currency include various activities like farming, fishing and crafting by cats.


Yescoin is an engaging Telegram-based clicker game to earn cryptocurrency by swiping your device’s screen. It is connected to the TON blockchain to ensure high security and efficiency. One of the best features of Yescoin is its referral system.

By inviting friends to join the game, you are able to earn significant bonuses. You will be able to earn more coins by completing important tasks such as joining squads and participating in community events. You can also withdraw tokens through TON-based wallets here.


DotCoin is a Telegram-based play-to-earn game with a simple, and attractive tap-to-earn interface. You can earn by tapping your device screen, completing daily tasks and inviting friends.


W-Coin is a Telegram clicker game based on mixing simplicity with the excitement of earning cryptocurrency. To participate in it you need to join W-Coin bot. Ways to earn W-Coins are by tapping virtual coins, participating in social media challenges and inviting friends to join games, etc. It also offers an accessible entry point into the world of cryptocurrency gaming.

Game User Base Earning Potential Gameplay
Hamster Kombat 60 million Up High Manage virtual exchange, Tap to Earn game
Notcoin 35 million Up Moderate Tap on virtual coin, Tap to Earn game
TapSwap 30 million Up High Tap to mine coins
Yescoin 9 million Up High Swipe to earn coins
W-Coin 7.5 million Up Moderate to high Tap to Earn coins, Complete tasks
Catizen 6 million Up Moderate to high Complete tasks, Play to earn game
Dotcoin 3 million Up Moderate Tap on dot to mine coins

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