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Delta WiFi

Delta in-flight wifi is available on many aircraft, especially on domestic routes. You only need a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to connect to Delta wifie. You can pay hourly, daily or monthly to access high-speed Internet or use Delta’s various accessible services like in-flight TV and movies, messaging, etc.

How Do I Connect to Delta wifi?

Follow the steps to connect to Delta in-flight wifi while your device is turned on:

  • If using an Android phone or tablet to connect your device, be sure to put the device in aeroplane mode.
  • Search for “” with wifi on to select the network. Once connected, you will be redirected to the wifi portal.
  • Please wait for this page to load.
  • If not loaded, type “” into your browser, reload it and purchase a wifi pass.

Is wifi on Delta Free?

Delta Airlines has become the first carrier in the US to offer free in-flight wifi to its passengers. Delta’s accessible onboard wifi facility allows passengers to stay connected with their loved ones. Passengers can send free simple texts only through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage. However, this facility is not applied to video and photo messages. This means you won’t get 100% free wifi with Delta. You must fly by attending First, Business, Premium or Economy class.

Delta wifi App Install and Connect

You can install the Fly Delta app to save time while connecting to Delta wifi. First, install and download the “My Delta Solar” app by visiting the iOS or Google Play Store. Then press install. After some time, the installation will be set. Passengers can use this app to pre-connect with the ‘’ portal before boarding the flight. Your phone will automatically connect to Delta wifi once you board the flight.

How much is Delta’s wifi-F connection in 2024?

A one-hour pass from Delta Wi-Fi Intelsat on planes without free Wi-Fi costs $7. Viasat charges $5 per flight per device regardless of destination and duration.

Starting February 1, 2023, Delta will offer free wifi on most domestic flights. By the end of 2023, free wifi will be available on more than 700 Delta aircraft.

If you fly Delta often and don’t want to pay for wifi separately each time you fly, you can purchase two monthly Internet plans.

  • Global Day Pass Plan: $28.00
  • Monthly Domestic Plan: $49.95
  • Monthly Worldwide Plan: $69.95

The domestic plan offers monthly access to all Wi-Fi-equipped flights, and the global plan covers international routes. Both internet plans offer a subscription with an option to cancel anytime. Both Intelsat and Viasat providers are available for paying passengers for wifi subscriptions.

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