KCS kuCoin Quiz Answers: Get Lottery Tickets to Win kuCoin

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. It focuses on coins and trading listings that add value to its users. It’s called “people’s exchange” because it is focused on putting business people first. It started its journey in September 2017. Nowadays it has become a popular destination for crypto traders. This comes with a 24-hour volume of over €2.6 billion.

KCS kuCoin

What is Kcs?

KuCoin Share (KCS) is a token. It is used to reward users to attract new customers. Holders will receive a daily dividend known as the KuCoin Bonus.

KCS kuCoin Quiz Answers:

  • (1) Bitcoin was born in what year?

Answer: 2009

  • (2) When was KCS established?

Answer: 2017

  • (3) 90% of the world’s population has not been exposed to cryptocurrency technology. true or false

Answer: True

  • (4) The KCS team would like to further capitalize on the self-sustaining ecosystem, to develop the KCS industry. true or false

Answer: True

  • (5) The crypto world is evolving rapidly which will increase the interest of new users to enter the crypto world. true or false

Answer: True

  • (6) What is the total supply of KCS?

Answer: 200 million

  • (7) At the end of the burning process, how many KCS supplies will eventually stabilize?

Answer: 100 million

  • (8) July 2023, how many cumulative registered users of the KuCoin trading platform?

Answer: Billions

  • (9) KCS token holding capacity is in the tens of thousands. is it true

Answer: True

  • (10) Has KCC launched and developed the chain?

Answer: KCS and the development of KuCoin launched and developed the chain.

  • (11) KCC will focus on bridging centralization and decentralization. is this true

Answer: True

  • (13) Development of KCC will be divided into what parts?

Answer: June 16, 2021

  • (15) KCC will also gradually move towards the cross-chain 3.0 ecosystem from the era of EVM-compatibility 1.0 and 2.0. Is this true?

Answer: True

  • (16) Based on the vision of “Mass Adoption from Geeks”, what foundations have we established?

Answer: KCC, GoDAO

  • (17) Will KCS support blockchain innovation through grants and other means?

Answer: True

  • (18)Which organization is responsible for the future development of KCS?

Answer: 25 million, 5 years.

  • (21) What is the percentage of founder allocation of initial KCS token distribution?

Answer: 32.5%

  • (22) What are the advantages of having KCS on KuCoin?

Answer: You can enjoy a fee discount by enabling “KCS Pay Fees” function. Get a bonus through KCS.

  • (23) KuCoin has created an ecosystem to accelerate the advent of which era?

Answer: Web 3.0 era.

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