How to Block Internet Access on Phone And Android Smartphone 2024

How to Block Internet Access on Phone

The Internet is essential nowadays as one of the platforms for communication, interaction, and expression. But every subject is a powerful tool that facilitates the world’s progress and has a downside. It can be a distressing, potentially dangerous experience for adults and children.

In general, adult content, grooming, offensive content, online and cyberbullying are the dangers children may be exposed to on the Internet. Adults can be vulnerable to similar dangers, including scams and other distractions. It calls for, among others, regulation of Internet use if we ourselves can.

Blocking the internet on a Smartphone can be an effective way to control internet exposure. We all know how easy it is for your kids to have Smartphones and how addictive they can be. Making them one of the safest browsing experiences is of utmost importance. Due to which it is cumbersome and can damage the device, the internet is blocked in a safe way using these different methods:

How to block websites from your ISP?

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see your online site visits and browser history. With a little work, you can block websites from different devices using Smartphones and networks. If you want to block a website through an ISP, this may require any device connected to the router, including the TV.

After all, you may have to pay extra fees to block websites through your ISP. There are also various blocking options with ISP internet plans, which may not be as cheap.

Use Router Accessories:

One of the easiest ways to block harmful content from smartphones is to add the device to the router if you want. The router filters out unwanted content and shows users’ online behaviour and search history. You may want to limit your child’s screen time and be able to turn off the Internet at your discretion. Examples of router basics include Amazon Euro Pro network, Circle Home Plus, Gryphon, etc.

Block Websites via Browser Extensions:

Browser media lets you manage and block adult websites from smart devices like phones, tablets, and laptops, which can constantly protect you from data leakage. There are ways to block a domain, redirect websites, close browser tabs after a certain period of time, and so on.

Using the usage method, you can disable an internet connection on your Android device. For example, turn on aeroplane mode and turn off a mobile network, mobile data or Wi-Fi. You can also go to “Network & Internet” or “Connections” via “Settings” and turn on background data for specific apps.

Various extensions include Freedom, Pause, Waste No Time, Leech Block, etc. It’s just opening the smartphone browser, blocking inappropriate websites with a few clicks, and many ways to add extensions.

Turn on Microsoft’s Website Blocking Feature:

If you have a phone that can use Windows, Microsoft has a built-in feature in Windows 10 to block various websites first. Windows 11 is essentially a Windows Defender Firewall. You must have a Microsoft account to operate this feature, and here’s how to enable it:

  • First open Settings
  • Go to the main account and select Add any family member
  • Add one of your Microsoft accounts
  • For this, Microsoft sends an invitation to the child
  • Your child asks to accept the invitation, then open your settings
  • Click on your family and desired users
  • Scroll down to manage settings online
  • Now select the child’s account and scroll down to manage content
  • Turn on the option to block inappropriate content

These are some of the policies that are used to shut down the internet. One thing to notice is that they are parental control apps, and productivity apps can block sites less often. Different sites work equally well by showing how many sites are viewed. If you have any questions about How to Block Internet Access on your Phone, you can write a comment.

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