‘Splatoon 3 Pre-Order Bonuses’ Release Time, File Size & Pre-Order Bonuses

Splatoon 3 Pre-Order Bonuses

Nintendo is creating and releasing Splatoon 3, a third-person shooter game, on the Nintendo Switch gaming system. The game features both a single-player campaign and competitive online multiplayer matches, just like earlier installments in the Splatoon series. Splatoon 3 will be made available for the Nintendo Switch on September 9, 2022.

Although the series is renowned for its exhilarating online multiplayer battles, there is also always a story mode available for fans to enjoy. The updated Salmon Run co-op option and the timeless Turf War game style have generated a lot of excitement among fans. Players will once again have the option to create their own character and select between Octolings and Inklings.

The Inkling 9″ Plush

Splatoon 3 must be pre-ordered from Walmart in order to receive a 9″ inch inkling plush with the option of Neon Green, Pink, Purple, or Blue. These may be obtained online from Walmart with a color selection. The plush toys appear to be able to be hung up because of a loop that is attached to them. Pre-orders made in person are not eligible for the plushie because the promotion is an online-only one.

The Sticker Set

Splatoon 3 may be purchased at GameStop if you want the sticker pack with your pre-order. With a picture of a sticker sheet with six different patterns, GameStop revealed the sticker incentive on its Twitter account. It is unknown if there will be additional sticker sheets or if this is the end of the sticker set. Stickers are only available with pre-orders and cannot be purchased independently. Pre-orders can be placed both offline and online.

The Gym Bag And Squid Pin

The My Nintendo Store UK sells the gym bag and pin bonus. Due to the items’ restricted availability, there is a remote chance that individuals who place their preorders after the deadline won’t receive them. The bag in the image features a charming octopus in the corner along with the trademark chaotic Splatoon patterns. Based on the image adjacent to the bag, it is suggested that the pin is a yellow inkling squid. Unknown is the pin’s size.

The Octopus And Squid Keyrings

Pre-orders for Octopus and Squid keyrings are accepted at two different online retailers. The Game Collection Store comes in first, followed by ShopTo. Unknown in terms of size, the keychains’ color options appear to be confined to neon yellow for the squid and dark blue for the octopus. The buyer can select between the two keyrings for the majority of purchases.

splatoon 3

The Inkling Keychain

One more keychain is also available with pre-orders, to finish. This one has a bow and arrows and is a yellow inkling in human form. Pre-orders at Best Buy are how this deal is available. The keychain is unquestionably included with online pre-sales, but it is unclear whether it is also shipped with orders placed in-store. The keychain is said to be in limited quantity, just like the others. Although it was included automatically with the pre-order game purchase, there is a chance that it will ship alone from the game.

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