New M2 Mac Mini 2024: 16GB RAM, Price, Release Date & Specs

m2 mac mini 2023

M2 Mac Mini 2024: Price, Release Date, Full Specs & Review! Hello everyone, and welcome to our website. Today, we will discuss the M2 Mac Mini 2024. Mac is famous for smartphone users with its quality, attractive features, and phone you know. Another Flagship is coming soon. Do you know what is it? It is the M2 Mac Mini 2023. In January 2024, Apple introduced two new Mac mini models with M1 and Intel chips to replace the previous-generation models.

Apple has removed Intel processors from the Mac mini lineup, so the new models use M2 and M2 Pro chips. All the information below about the M2 Mac Mini is subject to change. Because Apple is manufacturing this phone. It has a lot of cool features. It has a large amount of storage and RAM. This phone also has a great camera and a battery backup. We are trying to describe the M2 Mac Mini Release Date, Full Specifications, and Price. So, stay with us and keep reading.


  • $100 cheaper than its predecessor
  • 10%-20% performance boost over M1 generation
  • Just as capable as systems costing many times as much


  • Prices jump quickly for upgraded configs
  • Storage is slower than previous-gen models
  • No front-facing ports
  • Still limited to just two displays

Release Date

The M2 Mac mini 2023 started shipping on January 24, 2024. You can order a new M2 Mac mini on Apple’s website here

Full Specification


Apple did not change the design of the Mac mini with the 2024 M2 update, though it is slightly thicker and lighter. The thickness change will be imperceptible. The Mac mini is only available in silver, with Space Gray being discontinued. Apple’s smallest, most portable desktop machine has always been the Mac mini, and that hasn’t changed.

The Mac mini’s enclosure remains small and square, measuring 7.75 inches (19.70 cm) on each side and 1.41 inches (3.58 cm) thick. Apple’s Mac mini weighs 2.6 pounds (1.18kg), making it portable enough to move around while plugging into available peripherals and displays. Unlike Apple’s other Macs, the Mac mini does not come. It is ideal for those who want to supply their accessories such as a keyboard or mouse

m2 mac mini 2023

Memory and Storage

The M2 Mac mini 2024 can accommodate up to 24GB of unified memory and 2TB of SSD storage. The base model comes with 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage, with a memory bandwidth of 100Gb/s.The M2 Pro Mac mini can accommodate up to 32GB of unified memory and 8TB of SD storage. It comes with 16GB of memory and a 512GB SSD, as well as 200Gb/s memory bandwidth.


The M2 Mac mini 2024 supports 802.11ax WiFi, also known as Wi-Fi 6E, which allows it to connect to routers and modems that use the 6GHz band for better performance and lower latency. Bluetooth 5.3 is also included. Bluetooth 5.3 provides less interference, lower power consumption, improved encryption, a better experience for those who use Bluetooth to connect devices such as hearing aids, and higher throughput. One side of the Mac mini has a slew of ports, while the other has an LED that indicates when it’s turned on. There is an Apple logo at the top of the device, and there are no other markings on the visible portion of the machine other than the Apple logo and port labels.


The performance of the M1 Mac Mini was the most impressive feature. While the M2 Mini 2023 does not provide the massive leap forward from its direct predecessor that the M1 did over Intel-based Minis, it does offer improvements. Using the well-known Geek Bench 5 benchmarks (shown below), testing both systems revealed that the M2’s single-core performance is about 10% higher than the M1, while its multicore results improved by an even more impressive 22%.


The Official M2 Mac Mini 2024 Price is not available for this upcoming car. In this paragraph, you will find the M2 Mac Mini 2024 Prices in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Country Price
M2 Mac Mini Price In USA $ 599
M2 Mac Mini Price In UK £ 616.55)
M2 Mac Mini Price In Australia $ 1,299.
M2 Mac Mini Price In Canada $ 799

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m2 mac mini 2023

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