New (2023) iOS 17 Beta 3: Free Download Link, Profile & Install [Update]

After much speculation and anticipation over the past few days. iOS 17 beta 3 has been released to developers during WWDC23. These apps are our hands-on releases, getting minor updates with the release of iOS 17 Beta. It’s early days if you don’t have to rely on iMessage and FaceTime to actively communicate with your social circle. As a result, you still get much smaller additions throughout the system. And that’s how Apple introduces more with each new beta version.

iOS 17 Beta 3

However, now iOS 17 beta 3 can be easily presented to you in the Apple Developer Program. Although the first beta of iOS 17 was released to us on June 5 after WWDC. Beta Two was later released two weeks later on June 21 in a new form.

What’s new in Apple iOS 17 beta 3?

We’ve seen new developers rolling out a handful of new features and many changes for iOS 17 beta 3 users. It ticks that the music app has been changed. Also made easy to use with much more. Although the updaters of AirDrop in the previous iOS 17 beta 2. The app’s settings are changed in the app. Apple Music also includes crossfade support and more.

Apple iOS 17 Beta 3: New Features & Changes

iOS 17 beta 3 adds much more in-depth song credit information to Apple Music. Which Apple announced long ago at WWDC. It will surely improve the performance of the users. It has been tweaked with a slight redesign of the “Photo” button icons. iOS 17 Beta 3 also added a completely new “New Keys” splash screen to the Home app. And this key is mainly designed to adjust the color of multi-colored light.

Deleted Photos:

For currently deleted albums, Apple has made a new change to the interface. Previous Delete and Restore buttons have been changed. Instead, there is a three-dot menu icon at the bottom of the display. This can easily restore and bring deleted photos. The options used are: Delete All and Restore All. In the selection of Live Photos, you can select multiple ‘Live Photos’. For this, you need to go to the management icon and save it as a new video. If you want to delete or restore a photo, you can easily use the “Feature this Person Less” option.

Mental Wellbeing:

Apple Health ensures achieving mental wellness through the app. Because it is designed with a streamlined look and color scheme. Many emotions have changed here. Buttons and backgrounds can now create mood preferences. It uses bright green with yellow, yellow instead of green, and a very pleasant orange.

Apple Music Song Credits:

The Apple Music app includes state-of-the-art playlist playing, and searching. Also, the three-dot icon next to the song will show the song’s credit option. Also included are performance artists, composition artists, and shows combining production and engineering. There are also options, the standard dropdown menu, and lossless or Dolby Atmos.

Home App:

Apps have a splash screen that lets you know about new options in the Home app. There are also multiple colors and tones, and an interface for changing colors quickly. Shows color options in Control Center when accessing a light. If you are in the third beta the Home app can also now support activity history. Features include activity history smart locks, garage doors, and home security systems.

If you are happy with this release, you can install Apple iOS 17 Beta 3 on your iPhone to enjoy the above benefits. If you don’t want to accept these options, you can wait for new updates. Because we are constantly updating new technologies on our site.

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