Apple Magic Mouse 4 2024: Full Specs, Price & Release Date

Magic Mouse 4Apple Magic Mouse 4 2024: Full Specs, Price & Release Date is a multi-touch wireless mouse manufactured by Foxconn and sold by Apple. The magic accessory comes with a USB-C-to-Lightning cable. It has an excellent design and a comfortable mouse.

Apple is bringing the Magic Mouse 4 to the market to carry forward technology more efficiently. After the Magic Mouse 3 mouse came out,  the company decided that the new mouse needed more upgrades to meet the mass demand.

So they decided to bring the Magic Mouse 4 to the market and finally did it. Apple Mouse 4 promises you perfect performance and a long-lasting Mouse. However, the Magic Mouse is available at a very affordable price. So buy the mouse according to your favourite colours. This discusses its price, release date, performance, battery life, and full specs review of Apple Magic Mouse 4. Please read the entire contents attentively.

Apple Magic Mouse 4 2024: Full Specs, Price & Release Date

Brand: Apple
Model Name: 2024 Magic Mouse 4
General: Multi-Touch
Release Date: In 2024
USA Price: $79.00
Weight: 99 Grams
Dimension: Length x Width x Height: 11.2 x 5.6 x 2.0 cm
Battery Type: Rechargeable Two AA Batteries Lithium (Replacement)
Battery life: About a month
Quick charge: 8-10 Hours
USB Port: Type C with Lightning Cable
  • Bluetooth
  • Lightning port
  • Wireless
Colors: Black, White, Silver, and Space Gray
Availability: United States, UK, Canada, and other countries

Magic Mouse 4 Design & Colors:

Taking cues from Apple’s iPhone and MacBook trackpads, the Magic Mouse brings multi-touch gestures and inertia scrolling to macOS users. The new Magic Mouse 4 comes in Black, White, Silver, and Space Gray. Magic Mouse is a wireless rechargeable device with an optimized foot design that enables smooth gliding on any surface. Its Multi-Touch surface allows users to swipe through web pages and documents quickly.

Magic Mouse 4 Battery Life:

It has Rechargeable Two AA Batteries Lithium. The unbelievably long-lasting internal battery will power your Magic Mouse for about a month or more between charges. It also includes a USB-C to Lightning Cable that lets you pair and charge by connecting to a USB-C port on your Mac.

Magic Mouse 4

Magic Mouse 4

System Needs Capability:

  • Bluetooth-enabled Mac with OS X 10.11 or later
  • iPad with iPad 13.4 or later


  • Beautiful Design
  • Multiple devices compatibility
  • Longest Battery Life
  • Lightweight Charging port on the Underside

Apple Magic Mouse 4 2024 Price:

The  Magic Mouse 4 started costs $145.00 and is a remarkably comfortable and precise working experience.



Magic Mouse 4 Price In USA $145
Magic Mouse 4 Price In Canada CA$119
Magic Mouse 4 Price In UK £99
Magic Mouse 4 Price In Germany €109

Apple Magic Mouse 4 Release Date:

However, the Magic Mouse 4 has not come to the market. We are expecting the new Magic Mouse 4 to be launched in 2024. The new iMac’s Magic accessories and the updated Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad are now unavailable on Apple’s website and in Apple Stores. So, you can pre-order on the Apple official web or online marketplace.

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