Apple iPhone 14 Pro 2024 Price & Full Phone Specifications

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Apple iPhone 14 Pro 2024 Price & Full Phone Specifications – One of the more hyped smartphones of the year is set to enter its final stages with the release of the iPhone 14 Pro. Many have speculated that this will be the phone that finally pushes Apple into the realm of smartphone royalty.

However, with a price tag well above the iPhone range, it could spell the end of Apple’s dominance in the smartphone market. Pricing the most extensive model at under $999 would be a somewhat disruptive strategy considering all the features claimed to debut in the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Therefore, the iPhone 14 Pro Review is more concerned with analysing whether such expectations are justified. If the device delivers on its promises, the iPhone 14 Pro 5G could be a real breakthrough for Apple. In many ways, the iPhone 14 Pro is like the iPhone 7, a major revamp of the iPhone 6 series.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro 2024 Price & Full Phone Specifications

Despite some of the same features – including a dual-tone colour display, larger button sets, and a host of user-friendly add-ons, the iPhone 14 Pro 5G is meant to represent a step forward in iPhone features. Apart from the regular Home button, the Apple 14 Pro has two other buttons, which launch the apps installed on the phone and the FaceTime camera function. These buttons appear illuminated despite the absence of any physical home button on the phone itself.

Country Price
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Price In USA: $999
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Price In Canada: CAD1399
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Price In Mexico: Starting From $22,000.
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Price In Kuwait: KWD309.9
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Price In the UK: £1099.

Apple 14 Pro 2024 Specs:

So, what sets the Apple 14 Pro 5G apart from the iPhone 13 mini? For one, the 14 Pro has a larger display. This gives it a pixel density of 5.5 pixels per inch, substantially higher than the iPhone’s current crop of phones (4.5 pixels per inch).

However, the difference between the two phones is more than just an increase in resolution. The increase in density means that the iPhone’s screen is also more prone to fingerprints, smudges, and grease smudges, all of which can easily damage the sensitive touch screen of the iPhone.

Brand Apple
Model iPhone 14 Pro 2024
Operating System iOS v15
Launch Date October 31, 2022
Display 6.1 inches
Processor Apple A15 Bionic (5nm)
Rear Camera 12 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP + TOF
Front Camera 12 MP + SL 3D
Battery 3115 mAh
Price In India 2021 80,900

Speaking of the touch-sensitive screen, the Apple 14 Pro is neither slouch for the camera department. It sports a surprisingly large camera set (although it is only two inches large). It’s smaller than the iPhone 6s Plus’ camera set, which features a 2.5-inch camera.

The iPhone 14 Pro’s camera also features a touchpad smaller than the ones found on previous iPhone models. In this way, the iPhone 14 Pro takes advantage of size improvements that are becoming apparent with older iPhone models.

Apple 14 Pro Storage Device:

Finally, the iPhone 14 Pro has one more feature to make it even more desirable. This is the ability to expand your storage via microSD. The iPhone 14 Pro includes a slot for a pair of microSD cards. These can be inserted into the phone’s card reader, which gives the user additional storage space. Suggests that the amount of memory available to you may increase with future updates to the operating system. Whether this will be true or not remains to be seen.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

In terms of price, it appears that the two iPhones – the iPhone 14 Pro 5G and the iPhone 6s Plus – are pretty similar in price. The iPhone 14 Pro is slightly more expensive than its predecessor, though this could simply be based on speculations as to whether Apple will reduce the number of features on newer iPhones.

If this were the case, the iPhone 14 Pro would lose out on features added to iPhone 6s models, including the home button and fingerprint scanner. If they are to be believed, then the iPhone 14 Pro should prove to be an improvement over the iPhone 6s Plus. Only time will tell, though.

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