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206 Bones Name List

206 Bones Name List 2023: The 206 bones of the human body are divided into the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. The axial skeleton consists of the bones of the skull, vertebral column, and rib cage. The appendicular skeleton consists of the bones of the shoulder girdle, arm, forearm, hand, pelvis, thigh, leg, and foot. The list of 206 bones is as follows:

1)  Skull

a) Frontal

b) Parietal

c) Temporal

d) Occipital

e) Sphenoid

f) Ethmoid

2)  Vertebral Column

a) Cervical vertebrae (7)

b) Thoracic vertebrae (12)

c) Lumbar vertebrae (5)

d) Sacrum (5)

e) Coccyx (4)

3) Rib Cage

a) True ribs (7 pairs)

b) False ribs (5 pairs)

c) Floating ribs (2 pairs)

4) Shoulder Girdle

a) Scapula

b) Clavicle

5) Arm

a) Humerus

6) Forearm

a) Radius

206 Bones Name List of Human Skeleton PDF Summary

The human skeleton is composed of 206 bones. These bones can be organized into five major categories: axial skeleton, appendicular skeleton, sesamoid bones, irregular bones, and cartilaginous bones.

Axial Skeleton – This is the main component of the skeleton and consists of 80 bones, including the skull, vertebrae, ribs, and sternum.

Appendicular Skeleton – This consists of 126 bones, including the shoulder girdle, upper limb, pelvic girdle, and lower limb.

Sesamoid Bones – These are small, round bones that are embedded within the tendons of muscles near the joints. There are about 16 of these bones in the human body.

Irregular Bones – These bones have irregular shapes, such as the vertebrae, and are not organized into any particular category. There are about 62 of these bones in the human body.

Cartilaginous Bones – These are bones that have a cartilage-like structure and are found in the nose, ears, and larynx. There are about 8 of these bones in the human body.

40 Bones of 206 Bones Name List of Human Review

1.       Femur

2.       Fibula

3.       Humerus

4.       Ulna

5.       Radius

6.       Sacrum

7.       Coccyx

8.       Skull

9.       Sphenoid

10.   Temporal

11.   Occipital

12.   Parietal

13.   Vertebrae

14.   Clavicle

15.   Scapula

16.   Sternum

17.   Carpals

18.   Metacarpals

19.   Phalanges

20.   Pelvis

21.   Tibia

22.   Mandible

23.   Hyoid

24.   Cervical vertebrae

25.   Thoracic vertebrae

26.   Lumbar vertebrae

27.   Sacroiliac joint

28.   Costal cartilage

29.   Pubic symphysis

30.   Sacrospinous ligament

31.   Sacrotuberous ligament

32.   Pubic crest

33.   Ischial tuberosity

34.   Acetabulum

35.   Zygomatic bone

36.   Nasal bone

37.   Maxilla

38.   Lacrimal bone

39.   Nasal conchae

40.   Vomer

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