2024 Nissan X-Trail: Price, Release Date, Review & Full Specs

2023 Nissan X-Trail

2024 Nissan X-Trail: Price, Release Date, Review & Full Specs! We all know that the long-awaited fourth-generation Nissan X-Trail finally arrived in Australia in the fourth quarter of 2024. However, the price starts from $36,750 before on-road costs. Along with the hybrid e-Power early this year. After a massive success in the US market, it was unveiled globally about two years later. And after that, they promise to improve it considerably. One of the few standard cars in Australia. Read More – Tesla Highland Model 3 2024

Brands: Nissan.
Model: 2024 X-Trail.
Price In USA: Start At $36,750.
Release Date: In 2023.
Engine: 1.5-Litre Turbocharged Three-Cylinder.
Interior: Spacious, Luxurious, And Comfortable.
Features: 210 Horsepower And 250 Nm of Torque.
Transmission: Automatic.

It costs more than the previous models but is technologically advanced and suitable for the current generation. Its new X-Trail is said to be the most advanced car of the present time. Also, they added new power-electrified projects. But not for the first time; they have also offered and sold the hybrid x-trail in the market. Nissan will also put four spec sections and front- and all-wheel drive. For its opponent to the Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Kia Sportage.

2024 Nissan X-Trail Price

The latest models, ST and ST-L (2WD), have standard front-wheel drive and five seats. Every SUV has an all-wheel drive option (AWD) and seven seats for about $3000 extra price. Besides, the upcoming Ti and Ti-L grades are all AWD by default but only have five seats. Let’s see the 2023 Nissan X-Trail pricing.



2024 Nissan X-Trail Price in USA $36,750
2024 Nissan X-Trail Price in UK £32,890
2024 Nissan X-Trail Price in Canada CA$39,073
2024 Nissan X-Trail Price in Germany Euro54,693
  1. “X-Trail ST 2WD five-seat: $36,750.”
  2. “X-Trail ST AWD seven-seat: $39,790.”
  3. “X-Trail ST-L 2WD five-seat: $43,190”
  4. “X-Trail ST-L AWD seven-seat: $46,290.”
  5. “X-Trail Ti AWD five-seat: $49,990”
  6. “X-Trail Ti-L AWD five-seat: $52,990”
  7. “X-Trail Ti e-Power with e-4orce: $54,190”
  8. “X-Trail Ti-L e-Power with e-4orce: $57,190”


The upcoming Nissan X-trail is a four-cylinder that produces 3600 rpm and 135 kW of power. On the other hand, the power output at 6000 rpm and 244 Nm is 9kW and 18Nm over the old model. That engine towing strength is up by 500kg to 2000kg braked.

An all-wheel drive is a selectable option among various algorithms. There are also five different traction modes, with standard and sports modes that control the neck’s stability in dirt or snow. As well as an excellent control panel, the hybrid car adds variable compression technology to the 105kW/250Nm turbocharged 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine.

It drives the wheels, not simply. Still, it is connected to a generator that can power the 150kW front and 100kW back electric motors under the inverter. Then, add a 1.8kWh battery charge pack. However, Nissan recovered a system output of 157kW. Although, torque is rated at 330Nm on the front axle and 195Nm at the rear.

2023 Nissan X-Trail

Fuel Economy

Nissan authority says that the entry-level ST manipulation averages 7.4-7.8L per 100km (2WD-4WD). Next, the upper-grade Ti and Ti-L models take 7.8L/100km on the combined cycle. The fuel tank is 55L capacity-based. That’s why for those who want more power from their X-Trail while consuming less fuel, the e-Power hybrid is claimed to go 6.1L/100km.

Nissan X-Trail Body Dimension

(Length: 4680mm x Width: 1840mm x Height: 1725mm) In e-Power models, the five-seat X-Trail is maximized at 585 liters. There, the seven-seated car used that to 465 liters. Likewise, there’s a tricky ‘Divide and Hide’ storage system to compartment allies. Similarly, the e-Power SUV has a space-saver spare and a tire repair kit. Deceleration is free at each end with stabilizer bars. Over there, the power steering system is electric, and the total car weight is 1540kg – 1672kg.

Servicing and warranty

X-Trail will provide Nissan’s standard five-year, unlimited-kilometer warranty, including five-year roadside assistance. If you later sell the car to someone else, the second person will still get the service. Servicing warranty 2WD/4WD for both variants 10,000km and 12 months, whichever comes first. 4WD models add a meager premium on the third and sixth service visits ($28 and $39).

Standard Safety features:

  1. “Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)”
  2. “Pedestrian, Cyclist detection”
  3. “Junction assist”
  4. “Reverse AEB with Pedestrian Detection.”
  5. “Blind-spot assist”
  6. “Lane departure warning”
  7. “Lane-keep assist”

“Traffic sign recognition”

  1. “Automatic high-beam”
  2. “Adaptive cruise control”
  3. “7 airbags incl. front-center airbag”

2023 Nissan X-Trail

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