New 2023 Lordstown Endurance: Pricing, Specs & Review

Believe it or not, the 2023 Lordstown Endurance is actually an electric pickup truck, despite sounding more like an English marathon. The Endurance is one of the influx of upcoming all-electric pickups, but Lordstown Motors has experienced financial difficulties and legal issues. The business once asserted that its electric truck will be the first of its kind to enter the market, but competitors like the Rivian R1T, the GMC Hummer EV, and the Ford F-150 Lightning will launch before it. The 2023 Endurance’s future is uncertain. But the electric truck is expected to cost approximately $65,000 and has a range of about 250 miles. Produce 600 horsepower and 6000 pounds of towing capacity.

2023 Lordstown Endurance

Brands: Lordstown.
Model: Lordstown Endurance.
Price In USA: Around $65,000
Release Date: In 2023.
Engine: 4 In-Hub AC Synchronous Electric Motors.
Interior: Spacious, Luxurious And Comfortable.
Features: 440 Horsepower And 4,971 Pound-Feet of Torque.
Transmission: Automatic.

To put it mildly, that is a modest start. But according to the business, if part quality and supply allow, manufacturing will rise. If it can gather enough money, it thinks it can deliver 50 devices to customers this year and up to 450 more during the first half of 2023. The vehicles are being made in Lordstown, Ohio, a town close to Cleveland. At a former General Motors assembly facility. The largest electronics manufacturer in the world, Taiwanese technology company Foxconn, bought the site last year. According to Lordstown, it will turn to collaborations with Foxconn and other companies for new funding.

When—and if—it ever goes into production, the 2023 Endurance will join a growing number of EV pickup trunks as the first vehicle produced by Lordstown, an American start-up. For the next Endurance, Lordstown has stated that it is aiming for a starting price of $65,060 before tax credits.



Lordstown Endurance Price in USA $65,000
Lordstown Endurance Price in UK GBP 43,200
Lordstown Endurance Price in Germany Euro 53,350
Lordstown Endurance Price in Canada C$65,000

2023 Lordstown Endurance EV Performance 

According to reports, Endurance’s cutting-edge hub-motor system will produce a total of 440 horsepower. This four-wheel-drive system has an electric motor positioned directly in each of the truck’s wheels, which Lordstown claims minimizes the number of moving parts, increases reliability, and lowers maintenance costs. Even while we don’t know much else about Endurance.

They show the truck going through the muck, ascending a 15 percent grade, and over a washboard-like surface. The last film shows us a close-up of its leaf-spring-supported solid rear axle, which won’t offer as smooth of a ride as the independent rear suspension on the Honda Ridgeline or the coil-over suspension on the Ram 1500.

2023 Lordstown Endurance

Although Lordstown has stated that the Endurance will be able to pull up to 6000 pounds, it has not provided any information regarding the amount of payload it can carry. That’s a far cry from the RivianR1-advertised T’s five-figure tow ratings. The Ridgeline and—likely—the future Hyundai Santa Cruz are mid-size, unibody trucks that it is actually closer to.

2023 Lordstown Endurance Battery Life, Charging 

Although the Endurance is rumored to have a goal range of roughly 250 miles. The manufacturer hasn’t provided any details regarding the battery’s capacity. Based on the current driving range of many EVs, the figure may seem reasonable, but it falls short of the maximum T’s estimate of 400 miles.

2023 Lordstown Endurance Interior

Endurance’s interior is not entirely novel in its design. Numerous straight lines, vents built into the center part, and physical switchgear for the HVAC system are all features of the dashboard. Three digital displays for the infotainment system, the driver information, and the gauge cluster are located on top of the dash. The center console has a rotary controller, two cupholders, and what appear to be touch-sensitive controls on the steering wheel. The Endurance has a crew cab body with four doors. That ought to offer passenger space that is competitive with that of other pickups of comparable size.

We only know anything about Endurance’s infotainment system from pictures that Lordstown has made public. Although the (potential) touchscreen’s size is unknown, the image does show that Apple CarPlay will work with it. The audio could have a physical knob, judging by the home button adjacent to the far-left knob on the HVAC control panel.

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