The 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland is Now Available in the U.S.

Tesla Model 3 HighlandWelcome guys. I am Laura, and you are watching Car Focus on Jaxton Electric. In this edition, we will review the Tesla Model 3 Highland. The Tesla Model 3 is the most popular electric car in the world. The new Model 3 Highland takes things even further by combining both comfort and performance.

The car comes with two electric motors. It boasts incredible performance. The long-range version can do zero to 60 in 4.4 seconds. Per Tesla specifications, a top speed of 125 or 201 kilometres per hour can go about 390 miles or 629 kilometres on a single charge.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland Design & Future:

Let’s look at styling. One of the significant changes they have made is right here at the front. The front now has this sharp, sleek, and elegant design compared to the rounded look the previous Model 3 had. The single large central air intake replaces the last fog lights and side vents, giving the front fascia a clean, minimalist look.

The headlights have been restyled with a slimmer profile and now incorporate LED daytime running lights in a narrow strip that also houses the turn signals and fog lamps. Gone are the ultrasonic sensors that previously dotted the front bumper. Further simplifying the smooth styling, the car will now rely entirely on Tesla’s vision system for Autopilot, using all the cameras around the vehicle.

This means that Tesla’s Vision Park Assist employs cameras as parking sensors. In profile, the new Model 3 looks quite similar to the previous version but with a slightly more aggressive stance. The camera placements are unchanged, with hardware for cameras on the front, Fender, driver, side door pillar, and three across the windshield. With Tesla transitioning fully to their vision system for autopilot and self-driving functions, these cameras play an even more crucial role in supporting those capabilities.

In place of a single pane glass, the new Model 3 has acoustic glass on the front and rear windows, windscreen, and glass roof. To cut it short, the whole car has acoustic glass. With acoustic glass all over the vehicle, Tesla has made a 30% decrease in wind and ambient noise, a 25% improvement in impact noise, and a 20% improvement in Rd.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

Tesla Model 3 HighlandAdditionally, more sound insulation has been added for a quieter electric vehicle experience aerodynamically; the new Model 3 is now Tesla’s most efficient model, with a 0.219 drag coefficient, improved from 0.225 before. Aesthetically, the black door handles and Power Folding mirrors provide a clean, refined appearance. With acoustic glass, improved insulation, and excellent aerodynamics, this new Model 3 represents an incredible advancement in form and function.

Let’s talk about the Wheels:

The rear-wheel drive car has cool 18-inch wheels with a new aerodynamic cover, while the all-wheel drive one rolls on stylish 19-inch wheels. These wheels have neat black arrow covers between the spokes.

Now, let’s get into the Tires:

They’re called E Primacy T2, a collaboration between Tesla and Michelin, specifically made for the Model 3. These tyres make the ride quieter and increase the car’s range. But that’s not all that’s new. The rotors and wheel couplings got a makeover, and the suspension got a significant upgrade. It has new bushings and dampers with fancy valves that smooth out bumps on the road. There are also extra bonding points between the suspension and chassis, improving the car handle vibrations.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland Prices:

Tesla Model 3 Highland Price in USA $42,000 $49,500
Tesla Model 3 Highland Price in UK £39,990 £49,990
Tesla Model 3 Highland Price in Germany EUR 42,990 EUR 51,990
Tesla Model 3 Highland Price in Canada CA$ 57800 CA$68,121
Tesla Model 3 Highland Price in Australia AUD 61,900 AUD 71,900
Tesla Model 3 Highland Price in Singapore SGD 57,520 SGD 67,780
Tesla Model 3 Highland Price in China CNY 259,900 CNY 295,900
Tesla Model 3 Highland Price in Japan JPY 5,613,000 JPY 6,519,000
Tesla Model 3 Highland Price in UAE AED 174,990 AED 204,990

 Let’s check out the back of the car.

There are some nice changes in the styling back here. The standout feature is the new around-shaped LED tail lights. They look gorgeous. These tail lights do it all, combining parking lights, brake lights, and turn signals in one sleek design. Say goodbye to the Tesla T logo. Now, there’s a classy Tesla name badge. Below that, the rear camera is surrounded by two LED lights.

Here, you get the dual motor badge indicating this is the long-range model with two electric motors. The lower bumper got a makeover, now including two fog lights. The C-shaped tail lights, which don’t have a split, follow the shape of the tailgate when you open it.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

Tesla Model 3 Highland

Additional storage compartments under the trunk floor provide ample space to Stow items out of sight. The power liftgate can be closed by pressing a tailgate button or the interior touchscreen. The front trunk or front capacity remains unchanged from the previous Model 3. At 88 litres of storage space, this front is ideal for storing groceries or small suitcases and bags while demonstrating the unique EV architecture. With no engine under the hood,

Let’s take a Look Inside.

Stepping inside the new Model 3, one of the first things you’ll notice is the remarkable seat improvement. These seats are now exceptionally soft and provide a level of comfort that’s truly remarkable. Notably, the rear seats are perforated, offering a cooling effect, but the real spotlight is on the front seats. Similar to the Model X, we now have an 8-inch rear screen that’s an absolute delight for children and rear passengers. Kids are going to adore this feature.

From here, children and rear passengers can control their climate settings, stream their favourite music on Spotify, and even indulge in movies on Netflix and YouTube. Directly below this entertainment hub, you’ll find two conveniently placed USBC ports, perfect for keeping your children’s gadgets charged and ready for action. And if you need a bit of extra comfort, fold down the middle seat to reveal an armrest equipped with two cup holders. But that’s not all.

This car boasts A breathtaking panoramic glass roof, flooding the interior with abundant natural light and creating an open, airy atmosphere. Moving on to the dashboard, it’s not just minimalistic; it’s downright futuristic. The angular design is just captivating.

Tesla has decided to remove the wood trim from the previous model and use this soft fabric material. Giving it a premium touch for some wood trim has always signalled luxury. Still, over the years, we’ve seen excellent fabric, and Alcantara added to the list of materials that most people consider premium.

What’s even more impressive here is the ability to customize this dashboard with various colours. The ventilation system in this car has been upgraded. Passengers can now control their side and adjust the fan speed separately. That means you get to decide where the AC blows. But here’s the absolute eye-catcher in this vehicle: the multi-colour ambient interior lighting. It stretches gracefully from the dash to the rear seats, creating a mesmerizing ambience.

And guess what?

You can customize it to match your style, picking from a whopping 256 colours on the screen or using your voice. It’s a neat way to set the mood in the car. Tesla has genuinely stepped up the game regarding interior quality in the new Model 3.

From the door panels to the entire cabin, the materials exude a plush, comfortable sensation that’s hard to beat. The door panels now feature soft fabric materials and look beautiful. The fit and finish is incredible. We have window control buttons and a button to open the door from inside.

Now let’s talk about Something Cool:

This Highland Model 3 has a blind spot detector. A red dot on the left door speaker lights up to tell you if there’s a car in your blind spot on the left side. You’ll also notice the presence of door speakers, as this car boasts an impressive audio system with 17 new speakers instead of 14.

The new steering wheel takes design cues from the Model X and Model S by incorporating touch-sensitive buttons to eliminate turn signals and indicator stocks. The recent turn signal buttons are located on the left side of the steering wheel, and you must press to activate them.

They cancel automatically when you’ve finished making a turn, just as traditional signals do. Still, the headlight button is on the left side to activate the headlights. On the right side of the steering wheel, we have buttons for the camera wipers, voice commands, Autopilot, and full self-driving. We will be back again for more Car Focus. Goodbye.

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