New Oura Ring 4 2024: Price, Release Date & Full Specs

Oura Ring 4

Bright rings have gained popularity over the years, even more like other wearable technologies. Updated bright rings have received a lot of orders to sell at reasonable prices despite size limitations. Oura has been manufacturing intelligent rings since 2015. The Oura ring, now in its fourth iteration, has become one of today’s most refined and popular options.

It is expensive, and the form factor is still less updated than a smartwatch. But from Oura’s experience, Oura Ring 4 is the best bright ring. You can buy it anytime you want, but how good it is for you is discussed below from previous experience.

Oura Ring 4: Availability & Price

The fourth-generation Aura Ring is priced at $299. It comes in two styles (more on that in a bit) and adds five colourways: matte black, silver, yellow gold, glossy black, and Rose gold. You can depend on the style and finish you prefer. You may have to pay as much as $549, but functionality may differ across versions.

Oura Ring 4 2024: Specifications

Brand Oura
Model Ring 4
Release Date 2023
Price $299
Battery 6 – 7 Days
Full Battery Charging Time Up to 70 minutes
Water Resistance 100m (safe for swimming)
Ring sizing Whole sizes 6–13
Exercise modes 5
Colour Stealth, Silver, Black, Gold, & Rose Gold
Sensors Accelerometer, Heart rate, SpO2, skin temperature, Zoography, & IR Photo platy.
Workout detection Yes
Size Height – 7.9 mm

Thickness – 2.55 mm

Compatibility iOS, Android

Hardware, Design & Fit:

The fourth-generation Aura Ring is made in two distinct varieties. The ring features Heritage, with a nice flat spot on the outer top for battery adjustment. It has New Horizons, which is wholly rounded for a curcolourattery cell. My review is silver-colourederted Horiz with a gold finish. The ring originally retailed for a staggering $499. It incorporates heritage-style looks from the updated Horizon. Its attractive flat bit at the top of the ring can give it a little cr.

Oura Ring 4

The outside of the ring is easily titanium coated with a thin coating of the desired finishing colour. In reality, gold and silver-coloured paths may appear to be made of gold or silver. There are three sensors attached to the transparent plastic inside. The protrusions under the sensors are small and perfect when you wear the ring. This lets you scan the ring, mainly on the non-dominant index finger.

2024 Oura Ring 4: Benefits

  • It is minimal and discreet, usually indistinguishable from the ring.
  • Its battery life can last up to seven days on a full charge.
  • It’s so tiny and light – you’ll forget you’re wearing it.
  • The ring’s battery typically takes 20 to 80 minutes to charge fully.
  • Water-resistant to 328 feet (100 meters).
  • Panic is safer for hot tubs, saunas, ice baths, and cryo therapy tanks.
  • Apple Health and Google Fit are compatible.

Oura Ring 4

Oura Ring 4

Features & Health Tracking:

Despite the small size of the ring itself, the Ora ring collects several health data. The ring’s main features are its ability to track activity, heart rate (and heart rate variability), body temperature, blood oxygenation, and sleep duration and quality. It’s primarily driven by the Oura app, which displays a sizzling array of scores, charts, and graphs.

The Oura app is divided into five, which is the home tab. It reveals the results as an overview of your general physical health. More is a readiness tab that can drill down on the factors contributing to well-being. However, there are also withtivity tabs and an Explore tab where you’ll find resources like guided breathing exercises and meditation.


We found the Aura Ring more than we loved it. Although the ring is relatively new, the Aura is an impressive tracker. You can dress up the ring as a smartwatch; the other is a sleep-tracking ring with remarkable health and fitness features with different modes. However, it’s much smaller, lighter, and more discreet than the Apple Watch. The ring is essentially low maintenance and can hold a charge for up to a week.

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