2025 Fox GRIP Price, Full Review & Release Date

Fox GRIPFox has designed the GRIP fork dampers to be smoother and more supportive with an all-new valve architecture. It will be available among us with individual tuning features for three distinct types of riders. GRIP SL, GRIP X, and GRIP X2 are going to come in three new sizes.

It also offers a fork chassis (32, 34, 36, 38, 40) for each category. Pressure balancing is set to appear as a tuning philosophy in 2025 GRIPs. Also, thanks to the new compression damping valve. In this article, we will discuss the 2025 Fox GRIP in detail. Let’s dive into the article and gather detailed information.

Type of 2025 Fox Grip Damper:

The upcoming GRIP dampers are divided into three categories based on the field of use. For example:

  • GRIP SL (marathon / down-country / xc )
  • GRIP X (All-Mountain/Trail)
  • GRIP X2 (Gravity / Aggressive Trail / Enduro)


The SL is the lightest possible damper while improving performance. The GRIP SL damper offers lighter weight, the ability to carry more speed confidently, and a lockout.

You get the usual firm, medium and open modes on a 3-position compression knob. Also, a remote lockout option exists. Its lever provides only low-speed compression damping control and blowoff in case of lockout. GRIP SL dampers range from 40-130mm travel and gravel to 34 SC and all else equal.

It combines mid-valve and bass-valve for a buttery smooth feel on any terrain. In terms of size, it’s available in 32 TC (gravel), 32 SC, and 34 SC forks at the Factory and Performance Elite levels.

Grip X:

Fox’s goal for the GRIP X damper is to “dominate all-mountain” by offering 4-way adjustable performance in a 3-way damper. It is purpose-built for all-mountain trail riding. However, in terms of size, it uses the same oversized base valve as the GRIP X2 but has its own technique.

Its most prominent unique feature is a new “Super Farm” mode. This is combined with a new outer HSC bezel with a small indicator knob. Grip X’s centre LSC dial works like before, offering many low-speed compression adjustments.

Its new HSC knob sweeps 170º and is multi-purpose. A single dial can be used to stiffen the fork for climbing. In addition, you can open back up quickly without affecting the low-speed compression circuit. Something like a “climbing” mode has been added here.

This is restricted to the LSR for rebound, which would allow for a smaller, simpler mid-valve. As for size, you’ll also find Fox 36, 38 and 40 forks in the Factory and Performance Elite trim levels.


From the GRIP 2 comes the GRIP X2, which is better and aims to increase tunability. Custom tuning of the forks and functional external tuning are added here for the rider to benefit from. Combined with the new mid-valve architecture, this can give you tuneability without the bar. It also keeps the tyres on the ground and maintains traction by reducing vibration and negative feedback.

Its compression base valve is much bigger (24mm vs 20mm), and GRIP X2 has 23 shims, which is expected to be much more than a 3x improvement in the tuning range.

There’s also a quicker response, so the company works on more immediate compression for a more predictable feel. If you want to get into aggressive trails, you can crank up the high-speed compression damping to handle it.

Notable among the functional differences is that the HSC ports are now larger, allowing oil flow. So, more shims are added here to resist that flow.

Finally, better separation between compression and rebound is now expected. GRIP X2 can also maintain four-way adjustment of external high/low-speed compression and high/low-speed rebound. In terms of size, it is available in 36, 38 and 40 series Factory and Performance Elite forks.

2025 Fox GRIP Release Date:

Famous US company Fox has wholly revised its manufactured GRIP dampers with three new grip options specially designed. According to estimates from trusted websites, this is what we expect for the 2025 model year.

2025 Fox GRIP Price:

About the 2025 Fox GRIP Price, based on size, we have presented the expected price list. Let’s have a look.

Size Price  Price in Europ
FOX 32TC Factory Series GRIP SL $949 €1,259
FOX 32SC Factory Series GRIP SL $969 €1,259 – €1,359
FOX 34SC Factory Series GRIP SL $1,019 €1,359 – €1,459
FOX 34 Factory Series GRIP X $999 €1,289
FOX 36 Factory Series GRIP X $1,149 €1,449
FOX 36 Factory Series GRIP X2 $1,149 €1,149
FOX 38 Factory Series GRIP X2 $1,249 €1,659
FOX 40 Factory Series GRIP X2 $1,849 €2,399

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