2024 Microsoft Surface Pro 10: Price, Release Date & Specs

Surface Pro 10

2024 Microsoft Surface Pro 10: Price, Release Date & Specs. The most recent version of the company’s top-of-the-line Windows tablet has many brand-new features, including improved CPUs. The unification of the Surface Pro X range under one umbrella brand. As well as some exclusive colours for the first time in an extremely long time. Let’s look deeper because this version of something like the Surface Pro group is fascinating.

Before the official announcement, several of these modifications had been rumoured, and most have now been confirmed. The fact that perhaps the Surface Pro 10 now comes in Intel and Arm-powered models may be the most significant change you notice. Microsoft has recently begun to take Arm devices more seriously, demonstrating that the corporation is confident enough to view Arm as being on par with its Intel rival. But there’s much more to it, so let’s start.

Date and Cost of the Surface Pro 10 Release

On October 12th, 2022, just over a decade after the Surface Pro 8 was released. Microsoft finally revealed the Surface Pro 9 following months of rumours and leaks. You can already place a pre-order so that you can purchase it immediately.

The scenario for the price is a little different. The Surface Pro 9 starting price for the Intel-based model is $999.99, which is $100 less than the same Surface Pro 8. However, the 5G model’s price is significantly higher than the Surface Pro X’s. It now has a starting price of $1,299.99, which is $300 added to the Surface Pro X models that support LTE.

Surface Pro 7 $749
Surface Pro 8 $1,099
Surface Pro 9 (Intel): $1,000
Surface Pro 9 5G (ARM): $1,300

What new features does the Surface Pro 10 have?

There have been many changes compared to the Surface Pro 10, but perhaps not as many as you might anticipate. The most significant changes have occurred when utilizing the Surface Pro X for the past few years. Check out the changes in more detail.

Updated Intel and Arm Processors

The Surface Pro 10 is available with either Intel or alternative Arm-based CPUs. As noted a few times, this may be the biggest news about the device. The Surface Pro 10 Wi-Fi variant, powered by Intel CPUs, or the Surface Pro 9 only with 5G. Powered by the Microsoft SQ3 microprocessor predicated on the Chipset 8cx Gen 3 are the alternatives to the conventional Surface Pro family that Microsoft no longer distinguishes from the Surface Pro X.

Additionally, both models have been significantly improved over their predecessors. The Surface Pro 9 Area network model now has CPUs from the 12th generation of Intel, which significantly improved over the previous generation. These new versions have ten cores thanks to Intel’s new hybrid architecture. As well as 12 threads, compared to the Surface Pro 8’s four cores and eight threads. Like CPUs based on Arm, there is a mix of performance and efficiency cores.

In contrast, the Surface Pro 10, only with 5G, is an even more significant improvement over the earlier Surface Pro X model. The Microsoft SQ3 is built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 processor, which provides substantial performance improvements over the previous generation. Qualcomm claims its chips run 85% faster on the CPU and 60% faster on the GPU than the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2. This is a significant improvement and may help to explain why Microsoft is grouping these products under a single product line.

Supports 5G

As we have already discussed, support for 5G wireless connections is another significant improvement with this same Surface Pro 10. Since its launch in 2019, the Surface Pro X has primarily supported LTE; however, 5G capability was never included. Microsoft is going above and beyond to make mm-Wave support available in a few markets now that it’s finally coming.

Few laptops can support mmWave 5G, mainly because no devices powered by Intel can. Microsoft was also successful in doing so because the few laptops that enabled mmWave 5G had Arm CPUs. You will still receive sub-6GHz 5G in conjunction with assistance for Base stations, as you would anticipate, in areas where mmWave 5G isn’t yet accessible.

The Surface Pro 10 no longer comes in models powered by Intel that offer cellular connectivity now that a dedicated model is available. Get the variant based on Arm if you desire LTE or 5G.

An Arm model that is thicker and new Intel colour schemes

The Surface Pro 10 finally injects some colour into the series, among its most exciting features. Along with the existing Platinum and Grayscale, previously exclusively offered on the Surface Pro X, two new colour options, Sapphire and Forest, are now accessible. There are now a set of four colour choices available. Microsoft now provides Signature Keyboards that match, allowing you to finish the look.

Surface Pro

Surface Pro 10 in vibrant iterations

But there’s a big catch with this. The Surface Pro 10 Wi-Fi variant is the only one to offer each color, except Platinum. A Platinum option is available for the Surface Pro 9 5G, which is a strange choice. After all, Graphite was the sole color offered just on Surface Pro X till 2021. It made its debut on the device. The Chest tablet is currently only shown in the premium Platinum color.

The fact that the 5G, as well as Wi-Fi variants. Now, sharing the exact outside dimensions makes this situation extra bizarre. It would have seemed much more straightforward to produce both types in all the accessible colours, given how similar the chassis was, but that was not the case. These colour choices might be made more readily accessible in the future.

Microsoft is also releasing the Surface Pro 10 Wi-Fi variant in a limited edition with a blue floral pattern created by Liberation. A British design company, in addition to the usual hues. This particular version is intended to commemorate the Surface family’s tenth anniversary.

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