iPad Mini 6 Battery Life 2024 (6th Gen) Full Specifications

iPad Mini 6 Battery

iPad Mini 6 Battery Life 2024: Apple is the world’s best Battery manufacturing company in the world. Apple always amazes us with its spectacular inventions. Here Apple comes with iPad Mini 6 Battery. It’s a Li-on Non-Removable Battery. Its Capacity is 5,124mAh.

It is capable of fast charging with the help of a 20W power adapter. Also, this battery offers you 10 hours of video playback and web browsing. Here we will discuss the specifications, battery life, price, and release date of this battery. Stay tuned till the end to know more about this battery.

Battery Specifications:

Here we give you the iPad Mini 6 Battery Some exciting & interesting Features. Let’s see it.

Brand Apple
Model iPad Mini 6
Made in USA
Battery Type Li-on Non-Removable
Capacity 5,124mAh
Power Adapter 20W
Web browsing Time 10hours

16 Easy Tips to Extend Your iPad Mini 6 Battery Life:

1) Activate Dark Mode

2) Use auto-brightness

3) Turn on or automate the Low Power Mode

4) Turn off unnecessary location access services and apps

5) Remove or limit the usage of battery-draining apps

6) Prevent alerts from waking up your iPad

7) Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

8) Reduce transition effects on your iPad

9) Turn off cellular data

10) Turn on Reduce White Point

11) Limit notifications

12) Adjust auto-lock

13) Turn off the Equalizer

14) Avoid extreme temperatures

15) Remove the case while charging

16) Limit the use of widgets

Can I replace the iPad Mini 6 Battery?

Now at present, Apple offers to replace the iPad Mini 6 battery. You can take the battery to an Apple Store or authorized service provider to have it replaced

iPad Mini 6 Battery Price:

Country Name Expected Price
iPad Mini 6 Battery Price in USA $40
iPad Mini 6 Battery Price in Uk GBP37
iPad Mini 6 Battery Price in Germany EUR36
iPad Mini 6 Battery Price in Canada CA$53
iPad Mini 6 Battery Price in Australia AUD60
iPad Mini 6 Battery Price in Singapore SGD55

.At last, we try to give information about the iPad Mini 6 Battery Life. If we get any updated information we add it quickly. Thanks a lot for all being with our website.

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