PeopleTools ATT 2024 Guide – How Does it Work?


Application Technology Tools is a complete software set that serves as a solid foundation to simplify the creation, implementation, and management of business applications by Oracle Corporation. ATT’s primary goal is to increase productivity, run business operations more smoothly and help with the information needed.

PeopleTools Using Att, the unified system can collect, store and track employee data. It also enables rapid routine creation and automation solutions. We will discuss ATT in detail in this article. Stay tuned and read carefully to grab the required information.

Essential features of PeopleTools ATT 2024:

PeopleTools ATT is a toolkit of tools to accelerate PeopleSoft data and applications—it’s more than just a tool. Let’s see what advanced features it packs.

  • Application Designer: Can create the program’s data structure, business logic and user interface. Also able to develop code, test, troubleshoot and migrate apps. Creating and modifying elements, including fields, records, menus, and pages, is also possible.
  • Application engine: It can perform complex calculations, data transformations and integrations. Also able to create and run background jobs and batch operations.
  • Lok Code: Able to develop and implement unique code to improve validity, logic and functionality through Lok Code. It can easily interact with search, integration brokers, and application engines.
  • Integration Broker: As an integration broker, it can connect and transfer data between different platforms and systems.
  • Process Designer: Allows you to manage PeopleSoft processes, including Crystal Reports, SQR, COBOL, and Application Engine.
  • Queries: Easily create queries to share, import and export your queries and retrieve data from the PeopleSoft database.
  • Security: For added security to manage and control data access and rights, audit, encrypt and monitor your data.
  • Reporting: Create graphs and reports, quickly report, format, share, query, and connect reports and charts with the connection broker process scheduler.

To summarize, PeopleTools ATT is a comprehensive toolkit that provides various tools to manage, develop and innovate PeopleSoft. Business ATT Tool is more than just a game-changer for organizations using PeopleSoft apps and data.

​PeopleTools ATT Benefits For Businesses 2024:

  1. Increased Flexibility and Scalability: PeopleSoft applications and data will be able to adapt to changing business needs and requirements using this software. PeopleTools uses ATT to connect applications to other systems and platforms.
  2. Improved productivity and efficiency: PeopleSoft allows applications to be created, modified and deployed quickly and easily. PeopleTools ATT enables users to use drag-and-drop features, graphical interfaces, and code generators to simplify development. Also, it can automate tasks like testing, debugging and migration.
  3. Enhanced security and compliance: PeopleTools ATT helps you protect unauthorized access and data. It allows you to define roles, permissions and access levels. Also, data can be encrypted, audited and monitored easily.
  4. Cost and Risk Reduction: PeopleTools ATT will help save time and money by reducing the need for manual intervention and external resources. PeopleTools can also resolve issues quickly and easily using ATT.PeopleTools ATT

How do you log in to PeopleTools ATT?

  • First, Open your favourite web search engine.
  • Then, type the name of the program to find the official website.
  • Provide the required information to log in to ATT PeopleTools, such as username, password, and email address. Could you create an account through it?
  • After this is done, wait a minute to familiarize yourself with the features. Log in now to start working your HR magic!

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