Garmin Fenix 9 2024: Rumors, Release Date and What to Expect

Fenix 9

The Garmin Fenix 9 will hit the market as the expected next-generation successor to the current Fenix 8. The Garmin company is known for its sleek design, multisport capabilities, and wide range of features. Currently, in America, the Fenix series has built a reputation as one of the top performers in Garmin’s wearable lineup.

However, Fenix 9 will continue this legacy in the market, based on which we are expected to introduce new features and improvements. In this article, we will discuss the features of the Garmin Fenix 9 flagship. If you’re wondering what upgrades the next generation of sports watches will have, we can make predictions based on leaks and widespread rumors. Read More – Fenix 8 Pro Solar

Rumored Design and Features

While details about the design and features of the Fenix 9 are scarce, some expectations can be inferred from previous models. The Fenix series is known for its various case sizes and material combinations, and the Fenix 9 can offer multiple options.

Core features of the Fenix line, such as offline topographic maps, sleep and stress tracking, and various training tools, are expected to continue. The Fenix 9 can continue the series’ reputation for exceptional battery life with incremental improvements. Also, the Fenix 9 Pro could lead to the introduction of the Elevate Gen 6 optical heart rate sensor.

An improved AMOLED screen is likely to arrive, though. The resolution of this will be available to more illustrators. Advanced onboarding processes can tailor the user experience by understanding individual goals during setup. This will provide a more personalized and progressive approach to data presentation.

As we’ve seen, Garmin is actively refining features like antenna placement and the SATIQ algorithm for optimal GPS and battery performance. Therefore, users can expect to see continued attention to these components in the Fenix 9

When will the Garmin Fenix 9 be Released?

Garmin Fenix 8 may arrive in the middle of this year. So, we expect the Garmin Fenix 9 will probably be too far to land in late 2025. Although, the companies don’t always keep an entire two-three-year gap between launches. The company may unveil its new Fenix 9 series next year based on customer demand.

Garmin Fenix 9 Price

As a flagship model, the Garmin Fenix 9 is unlikely to come with the budget-friendly price tag we already see on the Fenix 8. Compared to the Fenix 8 series, the base model costs around £900/ $950/ AU$1,750 while the top-tier variant, the Garmin Fenix 9, is expected to retail at £1000/ $1050/ AU$1,850, an increase of around 100.

In conclusion, while the exact details of the Garmin Fenix 9 are yet to be unveiled, anticipation for its release is buoyed by the series’ track record of catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes.

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