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Ecoflow Delta Pro 2024: EcoFlow | Portable Power And Price

Delta Pro

The Ecoflow Delta Pro Portable Power Station is a powerful and versatile solution for those needing reliable power. With capacities up to 3600Wh and a range of output ports, the Delta Pro can power everything from laptops and phones to power tools and appliances.

You offer the world’s first portable home battery with an expandable ecosystem for home backup, intelligent energy management, lower energy bills, and more. Ecoflow Delta Pro is a new power station in the next generation of portable power technology. It gives you the proper security and electrical energy freedom wherever you are.

The Delta Pro is designed with convenience in mind, featuring a sleek and durable design built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. It has several advanced features, including intelligent charging and a mobile app that lets you monitor and control the unit from your smartphone. Ecoflo is a San Francisco-based battery manufacturer.

Ecoflow Delta Pro 2024 Specifications:

  • First portable home battery designed for home backup
  • 3.6-25kWh expandable capacity
  • 3600W-7200W AC output for 99% of appliances
  • 6500W multiple 2.7 hours AC charging.
  • Plug-and-play home backup solution.
  • Whole home backup power solution.
  • Portable RV and EV Power.
  • Expandable ecosystem.
  • Recharge at thousands of EV stations worldwide
  • Long-lasting LFP battery supports up to 10 years

Ecoflow Delta Pro Power Capacity:

A single Delta Pro has a sizeable 3.6kWh battery capacity. It is designed as a portable luggage that is easy to carry. It provides plenty of power for camping, road trips, or keeping in your garage.

A Delta Pro has a capacity of 3600 Wh. Capacity can be expanded to 10.8 kWh via additional batteries (max. two other batteries) of 3600 Wh each. If you select two Delta Professionals with two extra batteries and two smart generators, you can create a system of up to 25 kWh.

Ecoflow Delta Pro Extra Battery:

The Ecoflow Delta Pro Smart Extra Battery is a compact and portable power solution designed to increase the storage capacity of your Delta Pro. Attach this intelligent spare battery to your Delta Pro, which can connect up to two extra batteries. Together, the Delta Pro and the spare battery form an integrated system. Additionally, when connected to the EcoFlow Delta Pro, spare batteries can be easily managed via the EcoFlow app.

Charging Method

Delta Pro is the fastest-charging portable power station in the modern world. Multiple charging delivers record-breaking speeds at 6000W. To reach 6000W, choose one of these charging methods according to your preference. It can be fully charged in just 1.8 hours.

How long does an Ecoflow power station last?

Ecoflow Power Stations are a great way to stay powered when you’re on the go or when the power goes out. DELTA PRO’s battery maintains 80% capacity after 3,500+ cycles and 50% capacity after 6,500+ cycles. Here is a table of expected runtimes for some popular devices.

Ecoflow Delta Pro Release Date:

The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra was released in January 2024, and the EcoFlow Delta Pro was released in January 2022—two of the most popular solar generators on the market today.

How much is Ecoflow Delta Pro?

Delta Pro Portable Power Station Price is USD 2,599 $3,699; DELTA Pro + DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery. And USD 4,899 and $6,498 DELTA Pro + 400W Portable Solar Panel.

The Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra inverter and battery kit will be available for $4,999. The “Smart Home Panel2” will be available for $1,599 or as a bundle package with the Delta Pro Ultra for $6,399.

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