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EcoFlow WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioner: The future of WAVE 2 is Here

Wave 2

Ecoflow Wave 2 is a portable dual air conditioner with room heating or cooling functionality. Wave 2 weighs only 14 kg so you can carry the air conditioner as usual. Also, it is easy to take anywhere, not only at home. The Ecoflow Wave 2 has a cooling capacity of 5100 BTU and a heating capacity of 6100 BTU.

It employs a heat pump system for heating. Heat pumps absorb heat from outside air. Even in cold conditions, air conditioning can be great for house heating. The Wave 2 is the ultimate air conditioner and heater with an optional swappable battery!

With operations around the world, Ecoflow is headquartered in China’s Silicon Valley, Shenzhen. Here, our international team uses powerful technologies to bring and store energy for people in new ways—the Best Portable Air Conditioning Device at CES 2023. However, Wave 2 is the ultimate air conditioner and heater with replaceable batteries! Charge fast with AC, Solar, Car, or Power Station. Now, Enjoy cool or warm air anytime, anywhere, with the flexibility of multiple charging options.

EcoFlow Wave 2 2024 Full Specs

Brand: EcoFlow
Model Name: Wave 2
Status: Available
Release Date: May 15, 2023
USA Price: $1,299
Noise Level: 44-56dB
Refrigerant/Amount: R290/130 g
No-Drain Function: Supported (in cooling state)
Cooling Area: 10m / 107.6 ft
IP Rating: IPX4
Rated cooling power: (AC/DC) 550W/495W
Cooling Capacity : 1500W/5100BTU
Rated Heating Input Power: (AC/DC) 600W/540W
Heating Capacity: 1800W / 6100BTU
Battery Capacity: 1159Wh
Cycle Life: 80%+ capacity after 800 cycles
Battery IP Rating: IP65
Net Weight: Approximately 7.8 kg (17.2 lbs)
Dimensions: 515 × 272 × 92 mm (20.3 × 10.7 × 3.6 in)
USB-A Output: 5/9/12V 2.4/2/1.5A, 18W Max
USB-C Output: 5/9/12/15/20V 5A, 100W Max
Availability: USA, UK, Canada And Other countries

Performance of EcoFlow Wave 2 2024:

It’s the most potent air conditioner of its size by a long shot. Carry it anywhere and attach ducts for directed efficient cooling. Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra is a residential power backup system for extended outages and everyday use. A single unit can run your entire home with an unmatched capacity of 6kWh, 7200W output, and 5.6kW solar input. EcoFlow’s advanced software algorithm, the WAVE 2, offers multiple modes and an app control system.

Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner with Heater

  • 5-minute warmth in any compact space.
  • Fastest Cooling and Heating
  • Installation-free! Fits Anywhere
  • 8 Long Hours of Comfort (With Add-on Battery)
  • 44dB: Perfect for Quiet Sleep
  • A Greener Way to Beat the Heat

EcoFlow Wave 2 Battery Life:

Pair with an EcoFlow DELTA 2 and DELTA Max or their spare battery and get a fantastic 7-14-hour run time in Eco mode. It is 28% more efficient than other portable power stations. Any mobile power station with 820W input can charge your WAVE 2.

How Much Does EcoFlow Wave 2 Cost?

Country Name Price
EcoFlow Wave 2 Price in USA $1,299
EcoFlow Wave 2 Price in UK £ 1,022
EcoFlow Wave 2 Price in Canada CA$1,748
EcoFlow Wave 2 Price in Germany Euro1,195
EcoFlow Wave 2 Price in Singapore AU$1,744

EcoFlow Wave 2 Release Date:

EcoFlow will start selling the new Wave 2 on May 15, 2023. The product is officially launched on its website along with its new line of smart devices, including the Glacier fridge and the Blade robotic lawnmower. It was on sale by the first week of June last year and built momentum as it was the beginning of the summer. The New Wave, which has heating and cooling functions, can even be expected before winter.

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