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2024 Anker SOLIX F2000 (PowerHouse 767) – | 2400W


Anker SOLIX F2000 is an excellent source of reliable backup power for a household device. It offers enough storage to get even heavy-duty equipment through power cuts. The SOLIX F2000 is full of large and heavy batteries but is a very comfortable device with solid wheels and a handle.

From carrying around when needed, the Anker SOLIX F2000 is surprisingly easy. However, this helps make the F2000 ideal for large camping groups, adding heavy-duty mains power to smaller camper vans. It is available with various charging options, including solar.

Anker SOLIX F2000 2024 Specs

Brand: Anker
Model: SOLIX F2000
Made in: US
Release Date: 09 January 2023
USA Price: $1,399
Power Source: Solar Powered
Special Feature: Portable (Ergonomic Handle and Wheel)
Dimensions: ‎ 24.02″L x 22.44″W x 2.36″H
Item Weight: 87.3 Pounds
Engine Type: 4 Stroke
Output Wattage: ‎ 2400 Watts
Battery Capacity: 2,400W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with GaNPrime
Extra Battery: 2,048Wh LiFePO4 (expandable to 4,096Wh)
Durability: Long-lasting System by InfiniPower
Input power: 1,000W Solar and 1,440W AC HyperFlash
Shore Power: NEMA TT-30 RV
Included Components: ‎ Charging Cable
AC Output (x5): 4×NEMA 5-20; 1×NEMA TT-30
USB-A Output (x2): 12W Max
USB-C Output (x3): 100W Max
Car Port (x2): 120W(12V/10A)
Operating Usage Temperature: -4°F- 104°F
Warranty: 5-year

For those who think its battery life is insufficient, an extension of instructions can go with the battery so they can dispose of it. Anker Anker Solix f2000 (2,048Wh) can be used as well as the battery. The extra battery can be turned into a school at 4,096Wh, and performance increases even more. You can set the 531 solar panels to 40°, 50°, or 60° for bare sunlight via the kickstand.

Under ideal sunlight conditions, the Dowhaus 767 has a full recharge time of 5.7 hours with two solar panels, 3.8 hours with three solar panels, 2.9 hours with four solar panels, and 2.5 hours with five solar panels.

IP67 waterproof with three angles:

IP67 is capable of handling your adventure with proper strength.

Long-lasting 10-year lifetime:

Anker Solix F2000 is built to last more than a match, even with trail use. Our long-lasting InfiniPower technology combines LiFePO4 batteries, durable electronics, and power 100 times per second, ensuring battery health.

5-Year Whole-Device Warranty:

Instead of 2-year industry blockers, Powerhouse powers your devices every day for ten years. It backs it up with a 5-year full-device warranty for a worry-free experience.

What is available with the Anker SOLIX F2000?

Anker SOLIX F2000. E (GaNPrime PowerHouse 2,048Wh), and Anker 760 Portable D Expansion Battery (2,048Wh) AC Training Cable, Battery-to-Host Cable, Curing Cable, 5-Port Solar Connector, 419xl ft / 3m Solar Mounting Cable and Guides.

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