New 2024 TP-Link Archer GE800 Wi-Fi 7 Home Network Service

Archer GE800

TP-Link Archer has released its first gaming router with WiFi 7 in the GE800. With this, you get lightning-fast speeds while consistently delivering the necessary bandwidth to your gaming PC or laptop. It can be said that the Archer GE800 has come out packed with a lot of handy features.

This router impressed how the latest wireless standard can work in a mesh configuration, which is why both the Archer BE800 and the Deco BE85 managed to earn a spot on our list of the best WiFi 7 routers so far.

TP-Link Archer GE800Release Date USA:

TP-Link Archer GE800 adds a new dimension to the best gaming routers by offering incredible speed and excellent performance boosts. The Archer GE800 is flat in the middle, and two panels are added on either side. In addition to having four antennas each, this panel includes customizable RGB lighting — because it will be a top gaming router.

I noticed that the Tether app has added updated features to support this. Tp-link Archer GE800 Release Date will be fully released in 2024. although their webpage does not give any more details, it will be published on 17th October 2023.

TP-Link Archer GE800 2024: Specifications

Model TP-Link Archer GE800
WiFi Speed
  • BE19000
  • 6 GHz: 11520 Mbps (802.11be)
  • 5 GHz: 5760 Mbps (802.11be)
  • 2.4 GHz: 1376 Mbps (802.11be)
Working Mode


  • Router Mode
  • Access point mode
Advanced Functions
  • Multi-Link Operation (MLO).
  • 320 MHz channel.
  • 4K-QAM.
  • Multi-RUs.
  • EasyMesh-compatible.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • IoT Networks.
Ethernet Ports


  • 1×10 Gbps SFP+/RJ45 Combo WAN
  • 1×10 Gbps LAN
  • 2×2.5 Gbps LAN
  • 4×1 Gbps LAN
WiFi Encryption
  • WPA
  • WPA2
  • WPA3
  • WPA/WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x)
WAN Type
  • Dynamic EP
  • Static EP
  • In sin
  • Pratap
  • K2top
  • TP-Link
  • NO-IP
  • DynDNS

TP-Link Archer GE800: Feature

  • True 10G for True Gaming: Tri-band 19 Gbps WiFi 7, dual 10 Gbps ports and dual 2.5 Gbps ports deliver accurate 10G speeds for gaming. Whether wireless or wired
  • Actual acceleration for true gaming: Numerous game acceleration functions enhance game streaming. This will ensure that your game is realistic. Make sure your network is as fast as your response speed.
  • Game Style Design: High-performance launch pad look. Seamless, colourful lighting and optimized antenna placement ensure a quality connection and a vibrant environment.
  • Quad acceleration for games: Accelerate gaming applications, devices, mobile games and game server acceleration with WTFast GPN.
  • Game features for any play mode: Set your priority ports flexibly to improve connection speed. Lobby waiting time and overall gameplay.
  • Dedicated Game Panel: View real-time game statistics to ensure every detail is customized to your liking.
  • TP-Link HomeShield: Provides enhanced security and protection against the latest cyber threats.
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  • Label: TP-Link


One of the advantages of the TP-Link Archer GE800 model is that it is excellent for gamers in large families with many devices. However, we have yet to develop a detailed theory on the price of the Archer GE800. But TP-Link will be able to release its first gaming router with WiFi 7 around the middle of this year.

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