How Fast Is Starlink in Your Area? Zip Code, Plans, Pricing & Speeds

Starlink Speed in My AreaHow Fast Is Starlink in Your Area? Zip Code, Plans, Pricing & Speeds! Starlink is a satellite network. It provides low-cost internet. Starlink satellites have a lifespan of about five years. It has the potential to have as many as 42,000 satellites.

How Fast is Starlink Internet?

Starlink offers download speeds between 50-500 Mbps. Also, according to third-party analysts, the average Starlink download speed may be around 100 Mbps. As a result, Starlink can provide enough speed for video streaming, gaming, online learning, and remote working. Starlink continues to launch more satellites into orbit, and we can expect Starlink satellite internet services to be continuously available over the next few years.

When do I Get Starlink?

Your location will play an essential role in making Starlink services available. It is available in some places in Western America. Its service is still limited to East America. Starlink hopes it will soon overcome barriers and provide uninterrupted Internet service to rural areas worldwide. Starlink is expected to be faster than other rustic Internet options. But it is not yet available worldwide. You still have to wait to get Starlink service.

Can I get Starlink in my Area?

Starlink has not yet been able to present a universal internet service for all. With satellite internet, there is an intensive geographic connection. In rural areas, where there is population growth, there is scope for a higher population to use Starlink and increase activation. But Starlink may not be a good choice, especially for those living in urban and suburban areas, due to satellite capacity limitations.

Starlink Installation :

For Starlink installation, you first need to go to the Starlink website, after which you need to request installation. Starlink internet services are accessible to US residents in their Area, but if you are not a US resident, you will be notified by the Starlink website and placed on the Starlink waiting list instead.

State Covered Max Speed
Alabama 5,024,279 220 Mbps
Alaska 733,317 220 Mbps
Arizona 7,150,786 220 Mbps
Washington 7,703,739 220 Mbps
West Virginia 1,736,317 220 Mbps
Wisconsin 5,893,128 220 Mbps
California 39,526,361 220 Mbps
Colorado 5,416,321 220 Mbps
Connecticut 3,605,944 220 Mbps
Florida 21,538,187 220 Mbps
Georgia 10,711,908 220 Mbps
Hawaii 1,454,979 220 Mbps
Illinois 12,811,226 220 Mbps
Indiana 6,784,849 220 Mbps
Iowa 3,166,760 220 Mbps
Louisiana 4,657,291 220 Mbps
Maine 1,361,677 220 Mbps
Maryland 5,904,190 220 Mbps

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