Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown 2023 & Trailer Video

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

The release date for the open-world, supercar racing video game Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown was set for 2023 after the game’s announcement in 2020. Fans of the long-running series will be disappointed to learn that won’t happen because publisher Nacon has stated that it won’t be released until sometime in 2023.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will no longer be developed, the business announced in a blog post, in order to “make the most of the capabilities in the current systems and maximize the overall quality of the game.”

Although the main objective of building a 1:1 scale copy of Hong Kong in which to race expensive automobiles hasn’t changed, Nacon noted that it also wants to concentrate on the game’s lifestyle element. This will cover a variety of aspects of car ownership, from getting new wheels to using them to enhance your reputation in the Solar Crown racing scene.

The Streets and the Sharps, two sides of affluent fanatics, are engaged in a clan war in this competition. You’ll have to pick a side while moving up the social ladder of the racing scene because each clan wants to impose its distinctive style on the city. The most trusted members of each faction are given access to a VIP section at each group’s headquarters, where they can congregate, celebrate wins, and locate new tasks.

Nacon wrote on the game’s Steam website, “We realize many of you may be disappointed, but our purpose with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is to provide it the most refined gaming experience in the franchise by spending more time on its development.”

While Nacon did not offer any particular justifications for the delay, he did point out that Test Drive Unlimited is “a game about the joy of driving your car”. Driving a more opulent car, like an Aston Martin Valhalla, as opposed to the 2007 Chrysler you got from your mother, is probably simpler to capture this emotion. Despite the fact that speed is unquestionably the most important factor,

Our intention is to satisfy these requests while upholding the core values of the brand by including all of these subtleties. But we also want to be creative and offer novel experiences. We want to turn the entire island of Hong Kong, with its 550 km of highways, into an endless playground.

Fans will have the chance to test out beta builds “long before it publishes,” according to Nacon, who stated there will be a series of closed beta tests before the game is released. Additionally delayed is Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The company claims it wants to continue with the current platform generation (along with PC, of course) to ensure that game developers are “maximizing the overall quality of the game.” Warner Bros. last week announced a similar 2023 delay for Gotham Knights, which makes two forthcoming titles postpone their last-gen launches.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown 2023

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