How long should a 40v Ryobi battery last?

Ryobi Power Station 40VIf you are interested in getting the perfect power solution for workplace, home and recreational use then RYOBI 40V Power Station Lithium Battery Inverter is the best choice for you.

This modern device’s 1,800 continuous watts of pure power is ready to help you power TVs, fans, refrigerators, and other small electronics. It also offers zero emissions and quiet operation.

Ryobi 40V doubles as a super charger. It has the ability to charge up to 4 RYOBI 40V batteries while connected to power. You can monitor battery level and power consumption on your Smartphone with the GENControl app. We will discuss in detail about Ryobi Power Station 40V in this article. Let’s read the article to gather the necessary information.

Ryobi Power Station 40V Full Specs:

Here we give you Ryobi Power Station 40V Full Specs. Let’s see.

Brand Techtronic’s
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Max Running Watts 1800 Watts in 3 min, 1600 Watts Continuous
Starting Watts 3000W
DC Output {4} USB-A Ports, 5V 2.1 Amps, [2] USB-C Ports, 5/12/20V 3 Amps
AC Output {3} 120V Outlet 15 Amps
Voltage 40V
Capacity 6Ah
Fuel Gauge Integrated LEDs
Parallel Capable Yes
Weight 23.5 lbs
Bluetooth Apps GENControl app
Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty

Ryobi Power Station 40V Full Features Details:

Ryobi Power Station 40V Power Station is a modern advanced device. It has versatile performance. With it you can easily power various appliances including fans, lights and other small electronics. This device also ensures safe use for sensitive electronics through pure sine wave technology. It has a maximum running power of up to 1800 watts when it starts.

Modern can control this device through Bluetooth, for this you must use GENCONTROL app. As a result you will be able to monitor up to two inverters at the same time.

Double the power and run time by connecting another Ryobi 40V battery power station using a parallel kit. It doubles as a super charger allowing you to charge up to 4 Ryobi 40V batteries sequentially.

Ryobi Power Station 40V Battery Life:

A battery is a core part of a device providing versatile performance. As far as we know all Ryobi come with 40V lithium batteries. You are getting 4 battery ports in this power station. It produces up to 3,000 watts when initially turned on but later offers up to 1,800 watts when running.

If we talk about the outlet type this power station offers up to [3] 120V AC 15A, [2] USB-C 5/12/20V 3A, {4} USB-A 5V 2.1A.

Ryobi Power Station 40V Price:

Here we give you Ryobi Power Station 40V Price in different countries. Let’s take a look.

Country Name Expected Price
Ryobi Power Station 40V Price in USA $899
Ryobi Power Station 40V Price in UK £707.85
Ryobi Power Station 40V Price in Canada CA$1238.15
Ryobi Power Station 40V Price in Germany €831.31
Ryobi Power Station 40V Price in Australia ‎A$1363.36

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