Om System 100-400mm 2024 Price, Review And Key Features

 Om System 100-400mmOm System 100-400mm is an attractive lens for photographers interested in capturing distant action. Apart from supporting teleconverter it is good for handheld photography. It’s an optically stable ultra-telephoto zoom that joins the brand’s mid-range line-up.

The 100-400mm f/5-6.3 IS lens from OM Systems/Olympus is an optically stable, weather-sealed ultra-telephoto zoom. It is built to high standards, designed for all-weather use. We will discuss Om System 100-400mm in detail in this article. Let’s dive into the article and get the necessary information.

Om System 100-400mm 2024 Key Specs:

Here we give you Om System 100-400mm Key Specs. Lets take a look.

Maximum Aperture Wide: f/5.0

Tele: f/6.3

Lens Configuration 21 elements / 15 Groups
Focal Length Range 100-400mm
Angle of View 12 – 3.1°
35mm Equivalent 200-800mm
Maximum Image Magnification
  • Wide: 0.09x
  • Tele: 0.29x
Equiv. 35mm
  • Wide: 0.17 x
  • Tele: 0.57 x
Focusing Method High-speed Imager AF (MSC)
Closest Focusing Distance 1.3m
Minimum Field Size
  • Wide: 202.4 x 152.1mm
  • Tele: 60.3 x 45.3mm
Effective Compensation Range 3 EV
Diameter 86.4mm
Length 205.7mm
Filter Diamater 72mm
Weight 1.120g
Pro Feature Dust, splash & freezeproof

Om System 100-400mm: Design & Build

The Om System 100-400mm is one of the largest and heaviest Micro Four Thirds lenses. It uses plastic instead of metal. Its lenses are built to dust, splash and freeze-proofing standards. It weighs about 1.4 kg with tripod mount and hood attached, and measures 20 cm in area. Users will benefit significantly by using the add-on grip, the vertical grip.

The zoom ring rotates very smoothly through 90°, with no significant change in resistance at any point. Its 400mm zoom extends the front of the lens by about 6cm. Also a trio of switches on the side of its barrel controls focusing and stabilization.

You will see a conventional control panel on the left side of the barrel. The Panasonic lens is advanced and its control panel is located on the rotating collar.

Om System 100-400mm Autofocus:

The 100-400mm autofocus comes with an internal-focus design driven by a stepper motor. Its AF is fast, silent and accurate. Also for long telephotos, depth of field is extremely limited.

Om System 100-400mm Performance:

For better image quality, the OM System 100-400mm long telezooms are best used outdoors for shooting moving subjects such as wildlife, sports or vehicles. But it needs a faster shutter speed to deal with motion blur significantly. In bright good light, this lens can produce sharp images even at the closest focus distance.

Another important thing to remember is that it would be wise not to stop down too far beyond f/8. Its optical stabilization works quite well, providing a good percentage of usable images at 1/25s at 100mm or 1/100s at 400mm. This device works well in terms of image stabilization.

Om System 100-400mm: With Teleconverters

 One of the biggest improvements to the OM System/Olympus 100-400mm comes with the firm’s MC-14 and MC-20 teleconverters. They have an impressive telephoto reach of 1100mm and 1600mm equivalent. Its zoom quality ranges from f/10-13. Its viewfinder image is bright and clear and the autofocus still works well. This lens works very well with the MC-14 teleconverter when the aperture is wide open and when shooting in bright sunlight.

Om System 100-400mm Price:

If we talk about the Om System 100-400mm price range, it starts around $1,500/£1,169. But to buy a highly regarded Telezoom in this range you’ll need to shell out $1,597 / £1,071.

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