New 2024 Insta360 X4 – (8K/30fps Video): Price & Release Date

Insta360 X4

Insta360 is the World’s Best Chinese camera Manufacturing Company. Insta came to surprise us all with his new invention, the New 2024 Insta360 X4 – (8K/30fps Video): Price & Release Date. Insta360 X4, we get a 2.29-inch touchscreen. Also, this camera is expected to have a large 1-inch sensor. Its video resolution can be 8K. In this article, we will discuss its design, sensor, battery life, price, and release date. Keep an eye on this article for details.

Insta360 X4 Design:

The Insta360 X4 may have an attractive flat elongated design. This design will give you the facility to take amazing pictures and videos. It will weigh 150g, which will standardize its design. It will be convenient in terms of switching because the two lenses will exist close together. It will be light. Due to the weight, it will be easier to carry a selfie stick.

Insta360 X4 Large Sensor:

In the Insta360 X4, we are going to get a larger 1-inch sensor. This will result in higher video quality. Its resolution is going to be 8K. The main advantages of 1inches sensor are given below:

  • Best Image Quality
  • Sharpness
  • Low light Good Performance

Insta360 X4 2024 Specifications:

Here, we give you Insta360 X4 Some exciting & interesting Features. Let’s See it.

Brand Insta
Model 2024 360 X4
Made in China
Release Date Early in 2024
Touchscreen 2.29 inches
Video Resolution 8K / 30fps
Weight 150g
Photo Resolution 72MP
Sensor Size 1 inch
Aperture f/1.8

Insta360 X4 Higher Resolution:

We’re expecting a higher 8K resolution for the Insta360 X4. By filming the entire 360° environment with the resolution, it is possible to reduce the resolution using a small part. This is also called reframing. Reframing will increase the resolution to 8K, about 2.7K from FULL HD, and increase the pixels by more than +50%. As a result, we are going to get better video quality.

Insta360 X4

Insta360 X4 Improvements:

  • Stitching: Improvement and optimization of stitching will help you get better videos and photos.
  • Slow motion: 8K resolution of video, it will allow users to create slow-motion videos.
  • Exchangeable lens: Lenses get scratched easily many times. Hopefully, the Insta360 X4’s lenses will be interchangeable. Ease of maintenance of replaceable lenses will win over users.

Insta360 X4 Battery Life:

The Insta360 X4 is going to come with a powerful battery. Battery capacity can range from 1800mAh to 1850mAh. It is rumoured to allow the camera to shoot for up to 90 minutes.

2024 Insta360 X4 Release Date:

Insta Company has not announced the official Release Date of the 2024 Insta360 X4 yet. It will soon hit the world market. The expected Release Date is Early 2024.

Comparison Insta360 X4 & Insta360 X3:

Feature Insta360 X4 Insta360 X3
Sensor Size 1″ 1/2″
Video Resolution 8K 5.7K
Waterproof 30m 10m
Battery Life 90 minutes 81 minutes
Aperture f/1.8 f/1.9

Insta360 X4 2024 Price:

We here give you 2024 Insta360 X4 Prices in different countries in the world.

Country Name  Expected Price
Insta360 X4 2024 Price in USA $550
Insta360 X4 2024 Price in UK GBP400
Insta360 X4 2024 Price in Australia AUD775
Insta360 X4 2024 Price in Canada CA$675
Insta360 X4 2024 Price in Germany EUR455
Insta360 X4 2024 Price in Singapore SGD680

Finally, We have made a proper effort to present the information obtained on the 2024 Insta360 X4 to you. Thanks a lot to all for being with our website.

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