Autel (2024) EVO Max 4T 8K V2: Full Review, Price & Release Date

Autel EVO Max 4T 8K V2

Autel (2024) EVO Max 4T 8K V2: Full Review, Price & Release Date brings us powerful technology and advanced design. It can generate real-time 3D flight paths even in complex environments to avoid impossible obstacles. Advanced sensors help fly in areas with low GPS power. Improves object detection and tracking with new thermal payloads.

It is foldable, weather-resistant, and easily portable. It can collect environmental information and navigate complex environments such as mountains, forests, and buildings. It can efficiently conduct industrial inspections and land surveys. Stay tuned for more details.

Autel (2024) EVO Max 4T 8K V2: Full Review, Price & Release Date

We here give EVO Max 4T 8K V2 Some exciting & Interesting Specifications. Let’s take a look.

Brand Autel
Model 2024 EVO Max 4T
Made in USA
Release Date 1-5-2023
Optical Zoom 8K 10x
Thermal Camera 640×512
Digital Zoom 16x
Zoom Camera 48MP
Wide Camera 50MP
CMOS  1/1.28″
Autel Sky Link 3.0
Transmission Range 12.4 miles
Obstacle Avoidance 720°
Max Flight Time 42 min
A-Mesh 1.0
Networking Technology Mesh
Map Planning 3D
Water Rating IP43
Wind Resistance 45mAh

No Blind Spots:

It can work with a binocular vision system and millimetre wave radar technology. Onboard Otel Autonomy enables the engine to see .5-inch objects, eliminate all blind spots, and operate in night or rainy conditions. Its OA performance varies with drone speed, lighting, and flying conditions.

Anti-jam & Anti-interference:

It uses advanced flight control modules and algorithms. It can resist RFI, EMI, and GPS spoofing. With this, it can fly confidently over power lines, complex structures, and complex areas.

A-Mesh 1.0 – Mesh Networking Technology:

The A-Mesh 1.0 system facilitates drone-to-drone communication, connectivity, and collaboration. EVO Max 4T can securely communicate with other drones in the vicinity. If one drone fails, the entire system can self-organize and restart. With this, BVLOS can act as a relay point to improve operational efficiency significantly. It provides mobile contact points to provide complete coverage of an area. One pilot or multiple pilots can easily control various drones.

Skylink 3.0:

Skylink 3.0 features 6 antennas, 4 frequency bands, AES-256 encryption, and optional 4G integration. It is capable of providing the most advanced flight capabilities. It uses 6 transmission antennas to reach 20 kilometres from the ground control station. Its four frequency bands are 2.4GHz/5.2GHz/5.8GHz/900MHz.

It has 1080p/60fps and a powerful transmission bit of 64Mbps. Rate and maintain a latency of 150ms. AES-256 encryption enables full-link data transmission. There is also an optional 4G integration. It is used for long-distance communication.

Mission Ready Payload:

Here, the payload combines wide-angle, zoom, thermal, and a laser rangefinder for data capture and critical decision-making. The zoom camera can have 8K, 10x optical zoom, and 160x hybrid zoom. Its Moonlight Algorithm 2.0 improves post-processing and helps its pilot capture images in low-light environments. Its thermal camera can shoot 640×512 high-resolution at 30fps and 16x digital zoom. Laser range finder helps get coordinates and elevation quickly from 0.75 miles away.

Multiple Mission Types:

  • Waypoint Mission
  • Rectangular mission
  • Polygon Mission
  • Spiral Mission
  • Corridor Mission
  • Follow the terrain
  • Automatic mission generation and data capture
  • Vertical scan

Smart Features:

  • 3D Map: Plan 3D waypoint missions on a 3D map, create it and act accordingly.
  • Mission reproduction: fly a manual mission. It will automatically record the camera angle and replicate it.
  • Quick Missions: Temporary short missions can be done while running missions, and multiple submissions can be stacked for flexibility.

Autel EVO Max 4T 8K V2 Release Date:

Autel announces the EVO Max 4T 8K V2 Release Date. Its Release Date is 1-5-2023.

Autel EVO Max 4T 8K V2

Autel EVO Max 4T 8K V2 Price:

Here, we give you Autel EVO Max 4T 8K V2 Prices in different countries. Read More – GoPro Hero 12

Country Name Price
Autel EVO Max 4T 8K V2 Price in USA ‎$8,999.00
Autel EVO Max 4T 8K V2 Price in UK EUR6870
Autel EVO Max 4T 8K V2 Price in Canada CAS11900
Autel EVO Max 4T 8K V2 Price in Germany EUR8000
Autel EVO Max 4T 8K V2 Price in Australia AUD13150
EVO Max 4T 8K V2 Price in Singapore SGD11800
EVO Max 4T 8K V2 Price in  Qatar QAR32700

Finally, we tried to give you information about Autel (2024) EVO Max 4T 8K V2: Full Review, Price & Release Date. Let us know if you have any questions or comments. We will reply soon. Thanks for being with us.

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