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Microsoft Surface Trio 2024 Price, Full Specs & Release Date

Microsoft Surface TrioMicrosoft Surface Trio 2024 is a series of touchscreen-based personal computers, tablets and interactive whiteboards. Microsoft designed and developed it, most of which run the Windows operating system. A new patent filed by Microsoft publishes a tri-fold device similar to the Westworld tablet from the hit HBO TV series.

Microsoft Surface Trio 2024 Features and Specs

We still need to find official information about the possible features. However, it may run the same Android operating system as the estimated Surface Duo. A “Multi-Panel Display Device” patent also describes a handheld device with three hinged screens.

This three-screen display may be the same as the Surface Duo, but an always-on screen is available outside when the other screens are folded down. Of course, when more details are revealed, you’re expected to have a 50 per cent larger screen than what the Duo offers.

Single-screen mode: hide both hinges so you can’t see the first or second screen but still have complete control of the device with a third display like a traditional smartphone.

Dual-screen mode: Fold the 1408 (additional screen) behind the second display and open it like a Surface Duo so that only the first and second screens are visible.

Tablet Mode: Extend three screens to access more in Tablet Mode, taking full advantage of the new design.

At this point, without any leaks from Microsoft, we’ll assume the hardware will be somewhat similar to the Duo 2: a USB-C port, a fingerprint reader on the power button, a triple-lens camera setup, 5G support, up to 512 GB or 1 TB of storage. And 8-12 GB of RAM. The most significant change is a bigger battery to support the additional display.

Microsoft Surface Trio 2024 Price

A triple-screen setup will undoubtedly increase the price of a two-screen device—meanwhile, the Surface Duo 2 costs $999. A tri-fold phone would be of good value if it worked as advertised. However, this price came six months after its launch, with the Duo 2 starting at a steep $1,499. We assume this device will carry the same $1,499 price tag.

What Products Can Be Announced?

Microsoft usually uses this event to announce new Surface products. The recent event featured two new laptops, AI updates and changes to Windows 11. Rumours about a possible event this month suggest that Microsoft will release two Surfaces this year. Commercial versions – likely the Pro 9+ and Laptop 5+ – could launch in April, and the Pro 10 and Laptop 6 could be released in June.

What is the Date for the Next Surface Event in 2024?

Microsoft has yet to announce a date for the next Surface event. Since these usually occur around the same time each year, we expect one in September 2024. We may not have to wait that long. A rumour says that Microsoft may move it to March 21. Microsoft’s last Surface event was on September 21, 2023.

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