Why The New OpenAI Logo is Really on Point

New OpenAI Logo

New OpenAI Logo Redesign by Jeroen van Eerden on Dribbble. According to “X” Source, OpenAI is an AI research and deployment Company. Their mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.⁣⁣

I had this idea for a concept while working on a different project. I suddenly saw a human eye with gear-shaped lashes. Some seconds later, I also discovered this little human shaping these gears and the eye is the head. I always love these fun discoveries while exploring new concepts.

Embrace the power of creativity and let it guide you toward endless possibilities! Each “creative accident” allows you to explore and bring your concepts to life through illustration. Get excited to dive into your art tools and let your imagination run wild as you build and combine ideas for your logos.

Finally, We learned through X that the New OpenAI Logo will also be changed. If indeed OpenAI Company comes up with something new, we will immediately inform you through our web page.

Open AI

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