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OneNote For Windows 11 2024 How To Use Free Download

OneNote For Windows 11We’re getting some new features for OneNote For Windows 11 2024 How To Use Free Download. A complete user interface redesign focuses on improved user experience, a centralized start menu, and better virtual desktop support. Also, apart from the OneNote client, Microsoft Windows 11 is working on a new Outlook app.

Microsoft is refreshing the traditional Ribbon menu, and everything looks fresh thanks to new icons, extra padding, and rounded corners. In this article, we will discuss OneNote for Windows 11 in detail. Let’s dive in and gather detailed information. Read More – New 2024 Windows 12.1 ISO File 32/64Bit Free Download

What is OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote is a free digital note-taking application for information collection and collaboration. With it, you can take notes, record audio, capture screenshots, and share with other OneNote users.

OneNote is a standalone app that is a part of the Microsoft Office suite, and you can download it from Microsoft’s official website. Although this is a web-based version, you will be able to use it offline as well.

Microsoft has deprecated and removed some OneNote features from Windows 11:

Features that have been removed in Windows 11. Let’s take a look.

  • 3D viewer
  • Paint 3D
  • Cortana
  • Internet Explorer
  • Math input panel

How to Install OneNote For Windows 11?

To install it from the Microsoft Store, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, to launch this app, you need to go to the Microsoft Store icon from the taskbar and click on the icon.
  • Second, go to the Search tab, type OneNote and press Enter.
  • Select OneNote from the list of results you get
  • Then click on the free button to start the download.
  • Finally, use your Microsoft account to log in and use the app.

How to Download OneNote For Windows 11?

If you want to download OneNote For Windows 11, follow the steps below.

  • First, you download OneNote from the official page. Click on Open file to start the entire process.
  • Allow Microsoft to change your device by selecting Yes on the second pop-up.
  • Thirdly, match your OneNote installation with the correct version to detect Setup automatically.
  • Fourth, please wait until the download is complete, as it may take some time.
  • Finally, you can log in with your Microsoft account.

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