iPhone 12 Radiation Issue 2024: How To Apple Will Fix It?

iPhone 12 Radiation Issue

iPhone 12 Radiation Issue 2024: How To Apple Will Fix It? iPhone 12 Radiation Issue Let’s clarify the word radiation. Here, we’re referring to electromagnetic radiation, which surrounds visible light, radio, x-rays, and Wi-Fi and cellular communication. The radiation emitted by smartphones is measured in SAR. Tests carried out by the ANFR showed that when simulating the phone being held in the hand or kept in a pocket, the handset emits 5.74 watts per kilogram.

Another interesting thing is that while the iPhone 12 failed the tests, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro passed the same test. on the other hand, Apple and other European regulatory bodies have downplayed this issue.

The EU limit for SAR is 4.0 watts per kilogram for these tests. Although the iPhone 12 is no longer available for sale, the watchdog may still push for a recall of already-sold handsets. France may finally allow Apple to sell iPhone 12s in the country again after Apple has seemingly met the country’s electromagnetic radiation standards.

How Much Radiation Does the iPhone 12 Emit?

The ANFR tested the iPhone 12 in two situations. Limb testing imitates the phone being held in the hand, while trunk testing imitates a phone stored in a jacket pocket.

One important difference between the two is how far the iPhone is from a person’s tissue. It’s right away on the body for limb testing 5 mm away for trunk testing. The iPhone 12 failed the 0-mm far limb testing, but not the test at 5 mm.

The limit for the 0-mm test is 4 W, per the ANFR standards. The limit for the 5-mm distance testing is 2 W. The ANFR’s 0-mm testing on the Apple device registered 5.74 W, 43 percent above the approved maximum. By this measure, the iPhone 12 has a major problem.

High-Radiation iPhone 12 is Finally Over in France

The regulatory agency conducted a test on the phone’s specific absorption rate, which refers to the quantity of radio waves emitted by the device, and discovered that it now meets the country’s testing standards. Following this, the ANFR suggested that Apple can now release a software patch for all iPhone 12s. This should allow the ban on phone sales in the country to be lifted.

France put a stop to iPhone 12 sales in the country. After the ANFR claimed the smartphone failed to meet its electromagnetic radiation standards. Other countries like Belgium and Germany also leaped on board and started testing the phones for radiation infractions. After, the Cupertino tech giant said it would release a patch to decide the issue.

Apple has routinely claimed the issue wasn’t with the iPhones themselves but with France and the EU’s testing standards. The company said the patch would simply “accept” France’s SAR testing protocols. At present France and other EU countries have placed limits on the amount of electromagnetic radiation that can be absorbed by a body. According to the French regulatory agency, the country counselors all waves between 100 kHz and 10 GHz.

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