How to Block Devices Connected to My WiFi? 2024 Full Guides

How to Block Devices Connected to My WiFi

How do you block devices connected to my WiFi? Full Guides! Internet is becoming cheaper as the days go by in the modern age. But there are still many freeloaders who don’t use their own WiFi. It appears that you have not given permission to someone to use your Wi-Fi; it is not right to use someone’s Wi-Fi without their permission. So first comes how to block and connect a device from Wifi. I will discuss it.

By the way, there can be many demands to get someone on a WiFi network, and the number one reason is data usage requirements. The second is that the package does not have unlimited data or a lot of data usage. That’s why you don’t have to pay for extra data.

Do You Want to Stop Someone From Using Your Wifi?

You can, of course, block your Wifi network usage by MAC address filtering if you want. You can block by knowing the MAC address of the device you want to block. A MAC or Media Access Control address is an ID number assigned to a device. The IP address remains the same without needing to know the location of the device. So you can block devices from running your network. It is completely legal to block all devices on your network.

How do I block a device from my Wi-Fi?

First, you need to find the MAC address of the device to block. You must enter the router’s admin panel or web interface. How to access it from any computer or mobile device in your home: Launch a browser on a computer or mobile device and search for the router’s IP address or Login to your admin panel again with the user and password. Now, find your desired ID from active devices. Block from block icon from 3 dot options when you get id. Block all unwanted IP addresses in this way.

What to Do If Using Third-Party Applications?

You can usually use a third-party app to control your phone. Also, you can download good apps like Wireless Network Watcher or Fing. You can easily find the MAC addresses of devices connected to your network for use by various applications. Here, you can see all data connected with their details, including MAC address, by scanning it. And that’s how you permanently block devices from the network by MAC address. You can easily block your WiFi password if it is stolen.

How do you block Devices Connected to my WiFi?

You will connect someone you are already blocking. Changing the password first might be a good way for you to do this. Secondly, routers have access control, or Wi-Fi management features that let you block users by their MAC address.

Finally, from the above discussion, you learned about blocking and unblocking a device. Also, if you have questions about How to Block Devices Connected to my WiFi, you can comment. It will be discussed in detail in the next discussion.

How do you block users connecting to your WiFi?

  • Secure your network by changing your SSID or changing the Wi-Fi password.
  • Make your network invisible and disable your Wi-Fi SSID from broadcasting.
  • Mac-address filtering.

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