New Nintendo Switch 2 2023: Release Date, Rumors, Price & Review

New Nintendo Switch 2 — everything we know so far Here are all the rumors and information that have surfaced regarding a potential Nintendo

New Nintendo Switch 2

A Possible Release Date for the new Nintendo Switch 2

If the Nintendo Switch 2 is indeed in the works, it will most likely be released in 2024. But, so far, we have no concrete evidence to back that up; we can only speculate. Speaking of which, some internet sleuths have noticed a significant increase in Nintendo’s spend on raw materials, which some are interpreting as a sign that the Nintendo is being worked on and will arrive sooner than we think. Nonetheless, we don’t expect the Switch 2 to arrive before 2024, or even late 2023 at the most.

Expected Price of Nintendo Switch 2

The anticipated price of the Switch 2. The Nintendo Switch is $349. This is consistent with the previous speculation. Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Matthew Kantermanpredicted that the Switch Pro would be at least $100 more expensive than the current model. “While $349.99 raises the device’s value proposition, I believe Nintendo can drive strong demand even at $399.99.”



Nintendo switch 2 Price in USA $279.99
Nintendo switch 2 Price in the UK £244.99.
Nintendo switch 2 Price in Germany  €389

Kanterman isn’t the only one. Serkan Toto, a Japan-based games consultant, predicted that the Switch Pro will cost around $399. This could be the same console as the Switch 2, and thus the same price, or a different higher-spec version, in which case the Switch 2 will likely cost less.

New Nintendo Switch 2 Specs

A custom Nvidia Tegra Xavier processor, a 64GB SSD, 4K video support, and two USB-C ports are among the features of the new Switch console. However, it also suggests that such a console would be a TV-only machine, which seems unlikely. We don’t know what chip is in the new model yet, but Nintendo confirmed a storage upgrade from 32GB to 64 GB.

There have also been some recent mobile GPU breakthroughs, pointing to a bright future for upcoming handheld consoles like the Switch 2.

New Nintendo Switch 2

Display for the new Nintendo Switch 2

The screen is one of the Switch’s most important components, so it’s no surprise that Nintendo is improving it with OLED. However, it is still a 720p panel that only outputs 1080p (at most) when docked. That is consistent with our own reporting, which has confirmed that an upcoming Nintendo Switch iteration will use Samsung OLED displays.

Regardless of the type of display chosen by Nintendo, a resolution increase is possible. According to Bloomberg, a new Switch will achieve 4K resolution by employing an advanced upscaling technique. Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS, uses AI technology to effectively mix graphics into high-resolution images without the performance demands of rendering at, say, 4K.

According to the same report, the new Switch will be capable of 4K output, if not native 4K rendering, and will have a larger OLED display. A newer probe into Switch firmware has revealed the line “4kdp preferred over usb30,” which could indicate the possibility of a 4K output over DisplayPort over USB 3.0 for the Switch 2.

New Nintendo Switch 2 Features

The OLED Switch, like the original Switch, can be used in docked TV, tabletop, and handheld modes. An Ethernet port on the dock and a new kickstand for tabletop gaming are both nice additions. Having said that, Nintendo recently patented a novel health-tracking device that can track your sleep, and monitor your mood. Even change the odor of a room. Interestingly, the patented device has its own dock (similar to the Switch). Appears to be designed to work with health-related games like Ring Fit Adventure.

What we hope to see from the Nintendo Switch 2

If the Nintendo Switch 2 is released, there are a few features we’d like to see that would make it a compelling high-end option for Nintendo fans.

  • 1080p handheld gameplay
  • 4K or 1440p support for TV mode
  • Better ergonomics

New Nintendo Switch 2

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