New 2024 Fitbit Charge 6 – (Updated): Price & Release Date

Fitbit Charge 6New 2024 Fitbit Charge 6 – (Updated): Price & Release Date! Fitbit is the most famous American consumer electronics and Fitness Company. It makes wireless-enabled wearable innovative technology, physical fitness monitors, and activity trackers. Such as smart watches, pedometers, heart rate monitors, sleep quality, stair climbs, and related software.

It launches new products every year. Like every year, this year brought a new smartwatch, the Fitbit Charge 6 2024, to the market. This article discusses the price, release date, performance, display, and battery life of Fitbit Charge 6 2024.

Fitbit Charge 6 2024 has the same 1.04-inch full-color AMOLED display and all the same health-tracking sensors. However, it uses AI and machine learning to enhance the heart-rate sensor, which makes it the most advanced ever on the Fitbit tracker and allows for a cool new feature related to gym equipment. At present, Fitbit claims the Charge 6 features the most accurate heart rate sensing of its fitness bands, with up to a 60 percent development on acute activities like HIIT, spinning, and rowing.

New 2024 Fitbit Charge 6 – (Updated): Price & Release Date

Brand: Fitbit
Model: 2024 Charge 6
Released Date: 28 September 2023
USA Price: $159.95
Dimensions: 36.7 x 23.1 x 11.2 mm
Display: AMOLED
Screen Size: 1.04-inch
  • Built-in GPS, Heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, ECG monitor and
  • Google Wallet
Weight (without band): 37.6 grams
Battery life: 7 days
Water resistance: 50 meters
Bluetooth: 5.0 NFC

Fitbit Charge 6 Design & Display:

The Charge 6 has an upgraded 1.04-inch AMOLED screen. You can switch between three brightness options in the settings. If you have difficulty reading a small screen, the Charge 6 has a new magnification tool. Once activated in settings, Zoom in 3, tap to see the screen to zoom in, and tap once to return to the regular magnification. Also, the design is slim, sporty, and ultra-lightweight. It is the first smartwatch to track Sleep.

New Fitbit Charge 6 2024 Performance:

More exercise routines: The Charge 6 supports over 40 exercise routines; you can easily access them on the tracker. This differs from Charge 5, which only supports 20+ activities and only received the ability for all of them to be on the tracker in a June 2023 update; Charge 6 is coming for two years after it launched. Fitbit 6 uses an optical heart rate monitor, Sleep tracking AFib monitoring, 3-axis accelerometer, Built-in GPS + GLONASS SpO2 monitoring, EDA & ECG sensors, and Ambient light sensor.

Fitbit Charge 6 Battery Life:

It is long-lasting, like the previous model. FitbitĀ  6 battery lasts for 7 days. Use of the always-on display and SpO2 features will require some more charging. A charge of less than 2-3 days can last with the Always-O display on. The Fitbit Charge 6 has a small black USB-Type A magnetic charging puck. It can easily charge and quickly charge it. On average, it takes about an hour to charge the tiny Lithium-polymer battery fully.

Fitbit Charge 6

Fitbit Charge 6


  • Affordable Price
  • 40 Exercise Modes
  • Connects to Exercise Machines
  • Google Maps, Google Wallet, and YouTube Music apps
  • Helpful Side Button
  • Add Mobile App


  • Update to the Previous Model
  • Advanced Features Require a Fitbit Premium Subscription
  • No Spotify Controls
  • Needs a Google Account to log in

Fitbit Charge 6 Price and Release Date:

People have eagerly waited for what the Fitbit Charge 6 will be after the Fitbit Charge 5. After much speculation, the smart device was released. The new Fitbit comes in black, champagne gold, and silver. As of 28 September, the Fitbit Charge 6 is available for pre-order on and the Google Store for $159.95. You can find the nearest dealership to take the fitness watch on its online marketplace.

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