New 2024 Lamborghini Urus: Full Specs, Price & Release Date

2024 Lamborghini UrusNew 2024 Lamborghini Urus: Full Specs, Price & Release Date. Today, We’ll share some valuable data about this Car so that you can get a complete concept of it. So, let’s start reading the content thoroughly. The 2024 Lamborghini Urus is a bold, high-performance SUV that’s meant to appeal to people who want the comfort and utility of a crossover while also being able to outrun the other cars on the road.

It’s not cheap either, with a starting price of $260,676. But the Italian automaker hasn’t stopped there, with a new Performance variant on the way that should make the Urus even more ferocious. It weighs 104 pounds less, is 0.8 inches lower, and comes with 23-inch wheels wrapped in Bridgestone P 0 Trofeo R tires. It will also be available with a metal suspension, which will allow the Urus to use its 900-hp power output more effectively.

But if you’re already tired of the four-door Urus and want something that will really turn heads, German tuning company Mansory has you covered. It’s created a limited edition version of the Urus called the Mansory Venatus Coupe EVO C that will be sold in just eight units.

It turns the four-door into a two-door by removing the rear doors and moving the B-pillar back 7.87 inches to accommodate longer front doors. The entire project took about a year and a half to complete, and Mansory claims all of the original safety features were retained during the conversion process.

2024 Lamborghini Urus Review & Performance

To make the transformation, Mansory redesigned all of the vehicle’s body panels and made extensive use of carbon fiber. The rear of the car is especially eye-catching, as the taillights have been moved to the center of the car and reshaped into an unmistakably Lamborghini design. The hood is also reshaped and finished in carbon, while a massive front spoiler and wing give the Urus an aggressive stance.

2024 Lamborghini Urus

Under the hood, the standard Urus’s 4.0-liter V-8 remains unchanged. It’s rated at 657 horsepower, but Mansory has tuned it to deliver an impressive 900 hp and 811 lb-ft of torque. As with the standard Urus, it drives all four wheels via an automatic transmission and a permanent all-wheel drive system. Mansory says the new engine allows the Urus to accelerate from zero to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 207 mph.

If you’re interested in acquiring one of these unique Urus Mansory Coupe EVO Cs, you’ll have to act fast. Only eight will be made, and they’ll start arriving to customers in the spring of 2020. Then again, you could always just build your own by taking a used Urus for sale and turning it into a Mansory-badged, super-fast two-door with an optional rear spoiler. But I wouldn’t recommend that, as carbon fiber is tough to recycle.

2024 Lamborghini Urus Release Date & Pricing

The 2024 Lamborghini Urus is a supercar with performance and an attractive look. So, many people are thinking of buying this. The Latest Version of this Car is available to Buy with a Starting Price of $233,995. It is the base price and your Dream Car may be higher than that.



2024 Lamborghini Urus Price in USA $233,995
2024 Lamborghini Urus Price in UK £185,512
2024 Lamborghini Urus Price in Canada  $ 256,986
2024 Lamborghini Urus Price in German € 418,900

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