Blink Mini 2 Security Cameras 2024 Price, Full Review & Release Date

Blink Mini 2

Brand Amazon
Model Blink Mini 2 Security Cameras
Starting Price $39.99 in USA and CA$54.99 in Canada

Blink Mini 2 Indoor/Outdoor Plug-in Smart Security Camera is a versatile camera that ensures surveillance of your home or business with compact, powerful, advanced features and powerful performance. This state-of-the-art camera gives you the enhanced experience of 1080p HD Live View, colourful night scenes with built-in spotlights, a wide field of view, and crisp two-way audio.

This device lets you respond and engage from anywhere with real-time motion alerts on your smartphone. Whether day or night, rain or shine, its weather-resistant power adapter is ready to serve you better. Also, the built-in LED spotlight enables colourful night vision with enhanced visibility. In this article, we will discuss Blink Mini 2 in detail. Let’s read the article and try to know the necessary information.

2024 Blink Mini 2 Latest Designs:

Blink Mini 2 size case is a 2 x 1.9-inch cube easily transportable. In terms of colour, it is available in black or white. The modern camera gets a spotlight on the front, a centre camera, a microphone, and a status LED next to the camera. There’s also a speaker system on the back and a USB-C power port on the bottom. You can scan the QR code in the Blink app if you want. Its exterior is IP65-rated, but that doesn’t mean it is water-resistant.

Blink Mini 2 2024 Full Features:

Below are the features of the Blink Mini 2 Security Cameras 2024.

  • 1080p HD Camera: This state-of-the-art camera captures stunning, enhanced footage in full, high definition, ready to deliver essential details in any environment, day or night.
  • HD Color Night Vision: Blink Mini 2’s technology illuminates your night view with brilliant colour clarity. This makes it easy to identify content even in the dark.
  • 143-degree field of view: Its wide-angle lens offers wide coverage to provide a wider view of the surroundings, reducing blind spots.
  • 30 Frames Per Second Camera: Enjoy smooth, clear video playback with this fast motion or activity detection.
  • LED Spotlight: Increase visibility with its built-in LED spotlight to ward off all potential intruders.
  • Two-Way Talk: This camera lets you communicate directly with the integrated two-way audio, alerting intruders.
  • IP65 Rated Weather Resistance: Featuring IP65-rated weather resistance to ensure reliable operation in various weather conditions, from rain to snow.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa: Integrates with the Amazon Alexa voice platform for hands-free control and convenience to enhance security.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: This camera uses 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n wireless to ensure stable and reliable streaming.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Blink Mini 2 supports iOS, Android, or Fire OS.

Blink Mini 2 Security Cameras Video & Audio Performance:

Blink Mini 2 uses a 1080p HD camera. It captures extended footage in full high definition, ready to deliver important details in any environment, day or night. Whether you want to light up your night scene and detect subjects even in the dark, its HD Color Night Vision is a good helper.

It also offers a 143-degree field of view, reducing blind spots. A camera with 30 frames per second can enjoy clear video playback. Increase visibility with its built-in LED spotlight to alert intruders. In terms of audio, you can communicate directly with the device through two-way talk.

2024 Blink Mini 2 Smart Home Integrations:

Blink Mini 2 security camera can easily integrate with Amazon Alexa to enhance your smart home experience. Whether you have an Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen) or a smart TV with built-in Amazon Alexa, live video streaming and camera control can be effortlessly controlled with voice commands.

The Alexa app is always ready to help you create routines that include your camera for a more automated home security setup. If you want a more advanced smart home setup, the Blink Mini 2 can integrate with smart home systems like Control4 or Crestron.

Blink Mini 2 Subscription Costs:

Blink Mini 2 security camera offers users a choice between two cloud storage subscription plans. These plans unlock features, including person detection, cloud video recording, and 60 days of unlimited video. Additionally, you can enjoy up to 90 minutes of live viewing per session. Both the plans are discussed in detail below. Let’s take a look.

  • Basic: The Basic plan is priced at an affordable $3 monthly or USD 30 annual fee, and in Canada, it’s available for $5 monthly or CAD 50 annually.
  • Plus Plan: For those who opt for the Plus plan, it starts at $10 per month or $100 annually, representing an excellent value for comprehensive coverage and functionality.

Blink Mini 2 Release Date 2024:

The interest of world technology lovers in Blink Mini 2’s release date is increasing daily. This latest security camera will be available in the global market starting on March 14, 2024, according to Tech-savvy buyers can buy it at an affordable price from your nearest market.

Blink Mini 2 2024 Price:

Let’s discuss the price of the Blink Mini 2 Smart Security Camera with an Indoor USC-C Power Cord Adapter. First, we want to inform you that it is only $39.99 in the USA and CA$54.99 in Canada. Also currently available in a Blink weather-resistant power adapter bundle with a 13-foot-long power cable for outdoor use that offers up to $49.98 and CA$ 69.98. But it’s also worth noting that if you want to buy just the power adapter, it’s available on Amazon for $10.

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