2025 Mercedes Benz S Class: Specs, Interior, Price & Reviews

Mercedes Benz S Class

The 2025 Mercedes Benz S Class is almost ready to release and it will soon be available at your nearest store. Many people like you choose the 2025 Mercedes Benz S Class Hybrid Model Car. That is the reason to know about this Car. Now, We’re going to share details about this Car and we hope you will get all information here on our content.

The 2025 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Hybrid is a car that takes the sedan’s legendary status to new heights. AMG’s performance hybrid technology yields astounding power, making it the ultimate luxury sedan in which to get away from it all.

While Mercedes dives headfirst into EVs with the EQS and EQE, it hasn’t forgotten its traditional sedan lineup that built the brand’s legacy. For 2025, the sixth-generation E-Class brings a host of hybridized engine options and a futuristic interior that prioritizes up to three screens and lots of digitized features. It’s a bridge between stately previous generations and the forward-thinking electric models, and it’s an excellent vehicle for soaking up the finer things in life.

Mercedes Benz S Class Hybrid: Performance & Review

This latest version also introduces a Drive Pilot Level 3 semi-autonomous driving system that can accelerate, steer, and park itself on command. In this case, it works with the standard rear-wheel steering system and adds a camera to keep an eye on what’s ahead.

The optional Drive Pilot Plus can do even more, like accelerate and brake itself to match speed limits and stay within lane markings. There’s also a Maybach variant with rear seats that can recline, massage, and even serve champagne cocktails.

The exterior has been subtly updated to look more distinctive while retaining the overall shape that’s been around since 2015. The grille is more prominent and gets a new design with illuminated bundles on top and bottom.

Mercedes Benz S Class

The lower fascia is also redesigned with flush door handles that extend outward from the body panel, and the new LED headlights are more distinctive as well. In the back, the sedan continues to offer a spacious cabin with abundant legroom and a huge trunk.

Inside, the E-Class continues to offer limousine-like accommodations for passengers in front and rear, as well as a futuristic interior that can be optioned with up to three screens. The dashboard’s MBUX infotainment system can identify the driver via facial scan, voice, or fingerprint and then tailor functions to his or her preferences.

An enhanced head-up display shows navigation directions in augmented reality, and the available 3D Technology package adds a holographic passenger screen that appears to hover in the center of the windshield.

2025 Mercedes Benz S Class Hybrid Pricing

As one of the main cars in the Mercedes lineup, the S-Class is a solid choice that rivals the BMW 5 Series for poshness and technology. The Mercedes is one of our favorite versions of the model thanks to its incredible combination of comfort and brute strength. But the latest S-Class hybrid goes even further in terms of blending luxury and technology, creating the best Mercedes sedan to date. The Starting Price is $112,550 and the Regular Price is $122,550 (Including Taxes & Fees).

Country Price
Mercedes Benz S Class Price in USA $112,550
Mercedes Benz S Class Price in Canada CA$ 129,100
Mercedes Benz S Class Price in Australia $242,361
Mercedes Benz S Class Price in Germany €93,438

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