Why is Facebook Down Today? Current problems and Status

Facebook and Instagram

Users report various issues, such as being logged out of their Facebook accounts, making it impossible to log back in. Similarly, Instagram users encounter difficulties refreshing their feeds, with stories and comments failing to load for some individuals. Threads, an app developed by Meta, is also experiencing a complete shutdown, displaying an error message upon launch.

The Rapid Surge in Reports

Reports on DownDetector, a website that tracks internet service outages, surged rapidly for all three platforms following the onset of the issue. Despite widespread user complaints, Meta has not officially acknowledged the problem.

Meta is Down on March 05! Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram were hit with a worldwide outage, leaving hundreds of thousands of users unable to access the social media platforms.

A source inside Facebook told that the company’s internal systems were also down, which may have led to Tuesday’s outage. The issues appeared around 10:20 am ET and are impacting both social media sites’ apps and websites.

DownDetector monitors online outages and shows more than 200,000 Americans are having problems with Facebook, but over 30,000 reported the same with Instagram – Messenger has a little over 8,000.

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