Ultimate Guide to the Next Gen – M4 MacBook Pro: Features and Upgrades

M4 MacBook ProApple is a famous technology company. Rumors about when we can expect Apple’s M4 MacBook Pro are rife on the net. But you can now buy one of the best laptops, the MacBook Pro M3. However, Apple leaker Mark Gurman says an M4-powered MacBook Pro is already in official development and will come with an M4 chip.

It’s also been reported that the new Apple silicon could arrive by the end of 2025, according to market analytics firm Canalys’ estimated roadmap. Furthermore, Canales believes this new M4 system-on-a-chip will be packed with AI-powered features gearing up for a processor battle.

Ultimate Guide to the Next Gen – M4 MacBook Pro: Features and Upgrades

Aren’t we moving too fast to add a release window to the rumors that Canalys’ roadmap is currently the only reliable one so far?

We know that the M1, M2, and M3 SoCs each had about a year and a half between releases, and we’ll likely see Apple repeat the same gap with the M4. So, apart from this roadmap, it would also be wise to expect new chips by the end of next year.

Trusted websites expect the M4 chip to likely follow the same 3nm process as the M3 chip. But anyway, the M4 chip, likely built with an improved version of TSMC’s 3nm process for better performance and power efficiency, could kill anything Apple does.

According to another leak, the Taiwanese Economic Daily News reported that the M4 chip will feature an upgraded neural engine with “significantly” more cores for artificial intelligence tasks. Still, this is the only detail about the chip that has yet to be discovered.

Apple’s M4 chips will also feature more cores as part of an upgraded neural engine. Predictable – AI and machine learning tasks, generative AI. While most MacBook models come with a 16-core Neural Engine, the Mac Pro features a 32-core One.

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