TP-Link Deco XE75 2024 Full Review, Price & Release Date

Deco XE75

TP-Link Deco XE75 2024 Full Review, Price & Release Date Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit Mesh WiFi System. TP-Link’s Deco XE75 AXE5400 is one of the company’s many routers. It has 6.7-inch long plane cylinders, reflecting the lack of excitement in its name.

The Deco XE75 Pro is a two-piece WiFi 6E mesh system with 6GHz connectivity, multi-Gig Ethernet and robust throughput and signal range performance. Like most mesh systems, it’s a breeze to install and operate. It comes with essential parental control and network security software.

Its most significant selling point is that the third band is accessing the new 6 GHz spectrum, but you don’t necessarily need a WiFi 6E device to enjoy the speeds the XE75 Pro brings to your home network. Hidden inside is a mesh of extreme quality that, despite a few rough edges, offers a great blend of strength and capability. If you’re confident working through an admin panel or two, this might be fake.

TP-Link Deco XE75 Design

The XE75 has a series of nondescript-looking cylinders different from the prettiest forged units. They look very similar to WiFi equipment, unlike the others on the market, which look like paperweights designed by Henry Moore. We hope it will blend in with your decor without any hassle.

It’s not a flashy, attention-grabbing feature that makes the Deco XE75 a must-buy, but its brawn puts it ahead of the competition. Robust, reliable hardware within the cylinder, critical for a fast and far-reaching network, is reason enough to choose a top-link system. Apps and services are offered at no extra cost; tick the “good enough” box.

TP-Link Deco XE75 2024 Performance:

The Deco XE75 AXE5400 Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit Mesh WiFi System from TP-Link brings fast and reliable 8K video streaming, online gaming, and video chat experiences to your home. Each Deco XE75 module has four internal high-gain antennas that support up to 200, taking advantage of the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands. Also, the less crowded 6 GHz band gives you a faster, uninterrupted connection with WiFi 6E-compatible devices.

Each WiFi 6E (802.11ax) module in this 2-pack includes three auto-sensing Gigabit Ethernet ports. It allows acting as a router while connected to a broadband modem or as a satellite to an existing mesh network.

Versatile Wired Connections

Connect to any of the three auto-sensing Gigabit Ethernet ports to designate your cable or DSL modem as a router. In satellite mode, the Ethernet ports connect wired devices such as computers, smart TVs, and video game consoles.

Deco XE75 App

Along with an integrated firewall, WPA3 wireless encryption is included. In addition, TP-Link HomeShield features help protect your network from various online threats. Using the Deco mobile app, your network can be quickly configured, including setting up guest access. The Deco mobile app is easy to configure, maintain, and monitor your network from almost anywhere.

TP-Link Deco XE75 Release Date:

The Deco XE75 has a release date of April 2022. It is currently available in the local market with a two-year warranty.

TP-Link Deco XE75 2024 Price:

The Deco XE75 starts at an official price of $299 for a two-piece mesh networking kit, but it can currently be sold for more than that on various offers.

Country Name Price
Deco XE75 Price in USA $299
Deco XE75 Price in UK £269
Deco XE75 Price in Canada $499

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