Samsung Galaxy Watch 8 2025: Rumors, Leaks, Price & Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Watch 8

Brand Samsung
Model Galaxy Watch 8 2025
Starting Price $450 (UP)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 8 will be the best smartwatch wearable as a Galaxy Watch. It will certainly be an attractive upgrade to the excellent Galaxy Watch that will excite Android smartwatch fans. At the same time, the past few generations have felt increasingly similar.

The Galaxy Watch 8 can be packed with health and fitness features. The Samsung Watch 8 is likely to land in early 2025. This article discusses the specifications and rumours about the Galaxy Watch 8 upgrade. Here’s everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 8 and what we expect.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 8 Rumors & Leaks:

The Galaxy Watch 8 could pose a real challenge. So far, we’ve heard a few rumours about the bigger Galaxy Watch 8. More specifically, Samsung hinted at new software and AI tools during Galaxy Unpacked 2025 that could give the Watch 8 an edge over the Galaxy Watch 7.

There is no official word yet on how much the Samsung Watch 8 might cost. However, the Galaxy Watch 8 can start at $450. So we’d expect the Galaxy Watch 8 to be priced at least as high, with prices likely to go up for larger sizes or LTE. There are few leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 8 yet, but according to speculation from various websites, this wearable device could be equipped with a new 5nm (nanometer) chipset.

That’s not to say it’ll be more powerful since chipsets used in wearables are less powerful than smartphone chipsets by their nature. Still, it’s a significant upgrade in power over the Galaxy Watch 7 and potentially more. Power efficient, which is expected to improve battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 8 Wish List:

Here we give you a Samsung Watch 8 Wish List. Let’s take a look.

  • Best Battery Life: The previous line-up of Galaxy Watches offered an estimated battery life of 40, 50, and 40 hours, respectively. That number is far higher than Apple’s 18-hour battery life, though. But seeing how Samsung uses battery life on the Galaxy Watch 8 will be interesting. However, buyers expect 10-15 hours more battery life than the previous models.
  • Advanced GPS Tracking: Earlier Samsung watches had some issues with tracking. If Samsung can’t fix these, the state-of-the-art solution is to include all-system tracking on the Galaxy Watch 8. As expected, GPS with GLONASS, GALILEO, or other satellite systems can triangulate a signal simultaneously. If Samsung offers better battery life, the Galaxy Watch 8 could have better tracking capabilities. Or, the Galaxy Watch 8 should have dual-frequency tracking to compete with the Apple Watch Ultra for accuracy.
  • Increase Storage: Samsung offers the same 16GB of storage as its previous watch line-ups. On the other hand, the Apple and Pixel Watch offer 32GB of storage. The obvious solution to increasing storage is for the Galaxy Watch 8 to move to 32GB, allowing users to stream more music or use more apps. Let’s see what Samsung does.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 8 Release Date:

Samsung’s previous Galaxy Watches arrived in August, so trusted websites speculate that this upcoming device could be unveiled in August 2025. While we don’t have any leaks specific to the release of the Watch 8, since Samsung always groups its watch and foldable launches, no one would be surprised if it happens in July.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 8 Price:

The last three generations of the Galaxy Watch have started at under $300. However, the size upgrade ($30 extra) and LTE upgrade ($50 extra) remain unchanged in cost on all models. Although yet to be official or rumoured, Samsung may not continue this price drop with the Galaxy Watch 8 in 2025 due to inflation.

We expect it to be $450 and up but don’t be surprised if it tries $330 with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 8. It depends on what kind of upgrade Samsung offers about the Price. The Galaxy Watch 8 ($450) may match, but Samsung will likely raise the Price even further.

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