Swatch The upcoming Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch

Swatch upcoming Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch

Swatch The upcoming Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch! The company itself admits that its stock is very limited in the current market. Following the huge success of last year’s OMEGA x OMEGA x Swatch MoonSwatch, a new model has arrived in the market to meet the demand for new watches. Instagram over the weekend revealed a photo of a watch with a touch of gold called the Moon Sign Gold. And Omega officially unveiled their all-new Timepiece.

Currently, Swatch upcoming Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch features a secondhand made of gold. Which is a form of 18-carat gold alloy and is featured in several popular models of the brand. An important fact is that each hand was made under the full moon in February. They have a certificate to prove it.

Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch Price

The 18-karat gold cage contains nine percent copper, 14% silver, and about 75% nickel, which gives it an incredibly pale shade of gold and enhances its durability. Used to celebrate the success of the Apollo 11 mission, only 1014 were made. The first and second of these gold watches were presented to then-Swiss President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew. And the remaining three to 28 numbers were gifted to astronauts. But later they were taken back and stored in a museum in Switzerland. Two watches from the Moon Sign Gold series were used to commemorate Speed Master last year. In most markets, these are priced around £38,400 and £40,300 respectively.

But this year this is not at extra cost. Much like the older models, this latest watch cannot be bought online. Moon Sign Gold is only available from 7 March 2023 in London, Tokyo, Milan, and Zurich for €250. However, each of these mentioned cities will have one attachment to gold.

Previously, however, it was not possible to reach everyone due to limited production. However, this year they are expected to increase their production and connect with everyone. And their testimonials are described accordingly.

Swatch upcoming Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch

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