New (2024) Oura Ring 3: Price, Review, Fitness & Health Tracking

Oura Ring 3

The Oura Ring 3 bills itself as a sleep and recovery tracker, and that’s what it does best. The Ring focuses on three scores: readiness, sleep and activity. Each calculation is based on heart rate, temperature and activity data collected by this ring.

Oura is a world-famous health technology company. It comes to Amazing Us with all his new creations, Oura Ring 3. Here, we discuss its Specifications, Designs, Battery Life, Health Tracking, Price, & Release Date. To know details, be with us till the end of this article.

Oura Ring 3 2024 Specifications:

Here we give you Oura Ring 3 2024 with some exciting & interesting Features. Let’s take a look.

Brand Oura
Model Ring 3
Made in Finland
Release Date November 2021
Battery Life 4–7 days
Sensors SpO2, IR photoplethysmography, accelerometer, Heart rate
Water Resistance 100m
Ring size size 6–13
Colour Black, Gold, Silver, Stealth, Rose Gold
Width 7.9mm
Thickness 2.55mm
Weight  4 to 6 grams

Oura Ring 3 2024 Design, Hardware & Fit:

The third-generation Aura Ring brings its own unique features. Here lies the heritage. It has a flat spot on the outside top to accommodate the battery. It is completely spherical in shape for a curved battery cell. The flat bit at the top of the ring gives it a small character.

It is considerably thicker than metal rings, about two millimetres. The outer part of the ring is made of titanium. Inside there are three sensors in transparent plastic placed under the knob. The rounded horizon version has a discreet indentation at the bottom. Wearing the ring on the index finger can take accurate health measurements.

Oura Ring 3 2024 Health Tracking:

Oura Ring can collect a number of health-related data. The ring collects data on activity, heart rate (and heart rate variability), body temperature, blood oxygenation, and sleep duration and quality. The Oura app collects this data.

The Oura App is Divided into Several Tabs:

1) Home tab: Work on collecting data on your general physical well-being during the day.

2) Readiness tab: Works on factors that contribute to daily well-being.

3) Sleep and Activity tab: Through it, you will get benefits like breathing exercises and meditation.

Oura Ring 3

Oura Ring 3 Battery Life:

Oura’s batteries are quite small, 15mAh to 22mAh. The battery life of the Oura is that the Gen 3 can last “up to seven days” on a full charge. It has a nifty little wireless charger. Its charging pad has a USB-C input so that you can charge your ring anywhere there’s a USB cable. It can take 20 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes to charge the Oura Ring from empty to full.

Oura Ring 3 Release Date:

Oura Company is announcing the official Release Date of Oura Ring 3. Its Release Date is November 2021.

How much is Oura Ring 3 2024?

We here give you Oura Ring 3 2024 Prices in different countries in the world.

Country Name Price
Oura Ring 3 2024 Price in USA $300
Oura Ring 3 2024 Price in the UK £238
Oura Ring 3 2024 Price in Germany EUR 273
Oura Ring 3 2024 Price in Canada CA$398
Oura Ring 3 2024 Price in Australia AUD450
Oura Ring 3 2024 Price in Singapore SGD400

Oura Ring 3 Pros & Cons:


  • Lots of health insights
  • Great battery life
  • Stylish and discreet


  • Expensive
  • Activity tracking could be better

At the last, we try to give you information about Oura Ring 3 2024. If you have any questions & comments, then ask us. We will answer shortly. Thanks a lot to all.

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