OnePlus 11 Android 14 Beta 3 2024: Update & Review

OnePlus 11 Android 14 Beta 3

OnePlus 11 Android 14 Beta 2/3 was launched on June 23, 2023, out of Android 11. The Device has been updated with two major Android 12 and 13 OS. Many users speculate this Device might be eligible for the OxygenOS 14 update based on Android 14.

This article is arranged to know if OnePlus 11 Android 14 Beta 2/3 will get the official Android 14 (OxygenOS 14) update. We are updated with all the latest news, information, and downloads related to Android 14 (OxygenOS 14): Android 14 Beta and instructions on how to flash the firmware on your Device.

OnePlus 11 Android 14 Beta 2/3 Get Android 14 Update?

OnePlus 11 Android 14 Beta 2/3 launched in June 2023. Equip with Android 11, and later, two major OS upgrades were made available in Android 12 and 13. It has become well known for maximum user satisfaction. It has released three major Android OS updates for these models and promises to deliver the next four years of Android security patches. This may provide a high possibility that Android 14 (OxygenOS 14) may be included in future updates for these devices.

Manufacturers tend to prioritize their latest lineups for updates a bit more. It is speculated that the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro could get more updates to Android 14 by the end of FY 2024. However, there is no official announcement from One Plus. Consider bookmarking this page to catch up on the latest updates on this topic.

What’s New in OnePlus 11 Android 14 Beta 2/3?

Google has released its Android 14 beta update after the Google I/O event. The new version will include many modern quality-of-life improvements, such as improved battery life, accessibility, and gesture-based navigation. But it hasn’t been given a significant overhaul like Android 12. But Android 14 still has a lot to update. Google has so far rolled out its beta updates to its Pixel lineup of smartphones, including Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 6, 6 Pro, 6a, 5, 5a, and Pixel 4a.

How to Install Android 14 Beta on OnePlus 11:

This update has been updated specifically for the American and EU (European Union) versions of the OnePlus 11. If you are located in North America, you can see the alternative gait lines below. The first instruction is that this method must erase all the data on the phone. So before erasing, you must backup your Device’s data.

OnePlus 11 Android 14 Beta 3

Below is the step-by-step guide to installing Android 14 beta on the OnePlus 11 on the Device:

  • Download the latest ROM upgrade zip package from the Google secure server. First, download the correct package for your location region and the OnePlus 11 variant.
  • Now, when the upgraded package is finished downloading completely, it needs to be transferred to the storage of your Device, OnePlus 11. Now you have to connect your device to the designated computer; in this case, you can do it easily by transferring files.
  • Again, go to the settings menu of the OnePlus 11 device. Scroll down and select “Device correctly.
  • In the “Confirm about the device” section, press the “Version” button. Next, you must click “Build number” seven times in a row. Again, you need to provide a password. Enter the password correctly and proceed.
  • Once the password is correctly entered, you can enable developer mode on your OnePlus 11.
  • Return to the main settings menu and select “About device” again. Next, tap on “Up to Date”.
  • Again, you will see a button on the right side of the screen, “up to date”. Tap this button to access additional options.
  • The various options displayed will be selected by selecting “Local Install” from the options.
  • Go to the local install menu; you will be shown the list of available installation packages. Select the ROM upgrade package again. Before this, you need to copy it to the phone storage.
  • Now, you must select the appropriate installation package and click on it to proceed. A prompt will appear asking if you want to extract the package. Confirm the extraction process.
  • Now, the automatic system upgrade process will start. You have to wait some time until the system is completely upgraded. The progress will be displayed as different percentages and must be confirmed until it reaches 100% when the upgrade is complete.
  • After the upgrade, you need to click the “Restart” button. Additionally, your OnePlus 11 must be tapped to fully turn it on.
  • Now, if your Device restarts appropriately, confirm that the update is successful.

Finally, the release of Android 14 for the OnePlus 11 Android 14 Beta 3 has already been done. However, we will add an update tracker to this page after all updates. So we suggest you bookmark this page for the latest updates.

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