New Meta Quest 3 Lite budget VR headset just Leaked

New Meta Quest 3 LiteThe new Meta Quest 3 Lite budget VR headset just Leaked is set to be the best VR headset on the market, with full-colour video passthrough and mixed reality features. Quest 3 Lite comes with a significant upgrade in price. A new Snapdragon chipset could power its virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

The world is getting curious about the release date of Meta Quest 3 Lite 2024. However, its release date has yet to be officially discovered. There is a lot of interest in the Canadian market, and what we have discussed in this article about the Canadian price range of the Meta Quest 3 Lite is pure speculation. Let’s dive into the article and grab the information.

Meta Quest 3 Lite displays get a 30% resolution boost, giving you 2064 x 2208 pixels per eye, or 1,218 pixels per inch. This is a higher PPI than the Quest 3 we expected. The upcoming device’s display gives you richer colours and deeper blacks, and experts predict the Quest Lite 3 will feature 500 local dimming zones, improved black levels, and a wider colour gamut.

Expect to get a Meta prototype with ultra-thin lenses and a built-in Elite strap. It would also be reasonable to expect a built-in halo strap and back adjustment knob.

With eye tracking, you can enable foveated rendering. A graphical technique that displays great visuals wherever the user looks. Meta Quest 3 Lite may offer better graphic performance for this strategy. It is expected to have 3.6X faster GPU frame times with foveated rendering and eye tracking.

The Quest 3 Lite may have an advanced IPD wheel that can mirror your face more accurately. While this is still speculation, we expect this technology to be advanced enough for the Meta Quest 3 Lite generation to be easily added without compromise.

Globally, the Meta Quest 3 Lite device may come with 128GB/512GB storage and is expected to be priced at $299-$399. However, this is purely speculation, according to trusted websites. Canadians have always had an interest in modern technology. Canada’s tech buffs are at an all-time high regarding what price this cutting-edge headset might come to Canada.

We are here to end your curiosity. As we know from special source estimates, the latest device could cost between $405. Although this is a guess, we will update you here as soon as the official price is available, so stay tuned.

The world’s curiosity about the release date of Meta Quest 3 Lite is constantly increasing. However, we have yet to learn the official release date for this upcoming device. According to estimates from trusted websites and unique sources, the device will likely hit the global market in late 2024 and early 2025.

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